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English Teachers can travel China too

13 May 2016

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please introduce yourself, where are you from, where are you now, what do you do?   I’m Joseph Harrison and I’m originally from Wolverhampton, England but I’m currently living in Wuhan, china. In Wuhan I am now working as a Kindergarten teacher for a private education group. I bet there are lots of people want […]

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6 Day Standard Tour of Wuhan – Chonqing Yangtze River Cruise

16 Dec 2010

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Start sailing from Wuhan,Hubei Province, the cradle of the Ancient Chu culture, through Jianghan Plain, the amazing three gorges to Chongqing, the birthplace of the famous Ba Regime. Embark the German-made Cruise ship; though the German products would arose less romantic sentiments, but the safe and solid nature will not let you down. Details Day […]

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I want to Travel to China-@light487’s China Trip

13 Jan 2009

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Luke comes from Sydney, he didn’t pay much attention to china and Chinese when he was 15. Until last Nov, He decided to learn the language seriously. He said, The more time he spent around Chinese people, the happier he became.  Finally,He planed he will come to China for the 1st time. He must do […]

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travel in Wuhan-Wuhan Classcial Full Day Tour

18 Mar 2008

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 Attractions: Guiyuan Temple  Yellow Crane Tower Hubei Provincial Museum Itinerary:   Depart from your hotel to visit the Guiyuan Temple, which is one of the four largest Buddhist temples in Hubei Province as well as an important Buddhist temple in china. The temple is well known for its grand architecture, Buddhist scriptures, The statues of […]

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booking today武汉高雄大酒店

10 Mar 2008

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“武汉高雄大酒店”–位于香格里拉对面,房间设施很好.酒店 4星. 地址在:湖北省武汉市汉口建设大道 907号,距离“武汉晴川假日酒店”的距离大约是5.4公里,酒店的“商级标准房”价格为RMB348元/晚(含服务费,不含早餐)。早餐价格为RMB20元/份,高级标准房.这家酒店的房间设施特好

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