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30 beautiful pictures of the Forbidden City you never saw

1 Feb 2016

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比起故宫,很多人的记忆会停留在紫禁城上! 白雪镶红墙,碎碎坠琼芳。看飞雪中的碧瓦飞甍、雕梁画栋,领略穿越数百年的厚重与静美。 紫禁城的美是需要用心去体会的,如果大家不是像以前一样走马观花,而是放慢脚步去观察,一定会发现更美的故宫。 时光流逝,岁月打磨,古老的殿堂依旧散发着昔日的光芒! 檀香木的架子床上挂着红色的纱帐,装修精巧华丽,摆设讲究,整个房间朴素而又不失典雅。 红与黄,总给人以神秘圣洁的感觉,威严中带着皇家的神圣不可侵犯。 冬天,寒风中依然恢弘的宫殿,停在太和殿前汉白玉栏杆上的肥麻雀,在珍宝馆颐和轩窗下晒着太阳、蜷成一团打盹儿的猫咪…… 看到四季交替,才能感觉故宫是活的。 宫殿的高墙似乎可以阻隔春夏秋冬,在冷清空旷的宫苑中,只有看见树木吐新芽,空地生杂草,各色花朵执著地绽放在紫禁城的草丛中、红墙下,才可以确信春的来临。 夜露寒,西风起,朝来摇落满园金! 秋天,有巍峨壮阔的长城,肃穆的紫禁城,悠长的胡同,总是特别能引起深沉,幽远的感触。 秋天也是一个收获的季节,总能收获一份一份意外之喜。 紫禁城就像一坛老酒,历久弥香,时间的流逝丝毫冲不走它的韵味,反而堆积了它厚重的历史底蕴,在历史长河中愈发的熠熠生辉。 纵然历经沧桑, 却在冗长的梦境中绽放辉煌! 任凭时光荏苒,经典的也不会被磨灭,夕阳透过花窗花格,斜斜地洒落一地金色的碎片,雕花栏杆被拉长的影子兀自诉说着过去的故事,延续着中国古老技艺的传奇……

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the very recent snowing pictures of the Forbidden city

9 Feb 2014

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  It just snowing after I visit the place the next day. but some of my friends visit the Forbidden city celebrity news at the snowing day, I’d like to show you some of them, what the Forbidden city looks like in the snow.   the Taihe Palace, the word comes from the Book of Changes. do […]

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Ten Unwritten Rules for Travel In China

25 Aug 2012

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Ten Unwritten Rules for Travel In china Rule No 10 – always fight to pay for the bill Rules such as double checking your China visa, having travel insurance and having a practical budget you can stick to are all pretty obvious. There are other less formal and obvious but no less important rules that […]

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Emilia’s Blog – The grand tour; Tienanmen square, the forbidden city, traditional chinese medicine shop, lunch, pearl factory and then the summer palace…quite a day!

22 Jul 2012

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So today was off the hook crazy! Firstly i got up at 6.45 which took a while, I was supposed to meet the rest of the tour group at this place but I couldnt seem to find it, after several phone calls and riding around aimlessly i found the group and off we set. First we walked […]

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北京 Exploring Beijing

1 Apr 2011

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北京 Exploring Beijing Beijing, the capital of the People’s Republic of china, came into the spotlight when it hosted the Olympic Games in 2008. Although the city has seen a lot of development with glass skyscrapers, five-star hotels and massive shopping malls, Beijing is the political, cultural and educational centre of a country that remains […]

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Forbidden City-

31 Mar 2011

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The Forbidden City(紫禁城), also called the Palace Museum(故宫), must be one of the most famous sight seeings in china. It is the largest palace in the world and the best preserved palace in China. It contains a six-hundred-year history and has experienced twenty four different emperors. In the palace, you can have a general idea […]

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A one day tour in Beijing-Beijing Classic City Bus Tour

13 Dec 2010

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One day city tour you will see most of the must-see spots in Beijing for the sightseeing. This is the city bus tour, the Great Wall and the Ming tombs are not included. It is cheap, so, you have to follow the tour guide for some shoppings. only 2 actually. But the shoppings are not […]

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the easy way to explore the Beijing city for the FIT travelers-coach city tour

17 Aug 2010

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Our open group sightseeing tours of Beijing are a great way of discovering all about the fascinating capital. These tours are available on fixed dates all the year round. Each morning, we will pick you up from your hotel, then you will go visit the major attractions together with other international tourists. Groups are kept […]

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Roy’s trip 8-ambling and feeling Beijing

22 Oct 2008

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Long time no see Roy’s trip. actually, I must read them first, then I can post it here. you know, I am a native Chinese speaker, sometimes, I must spend some time to read it. What did Mr. Roy talk about Beijing,is the same one in my life,but it is really interesting to read something wrote […]

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One day Golden tour in Beijing

17 Oct 2008

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Highlights The fall is the best season in Beijing. The colorful leaves in Xiangshan Mt, the golden Yinxing tree outside of diaoyutai wall, the blue and clean sky always remind us the fall is the best. Even the Oct in Lunar calendar has a beautiful name: Golden fall Oct(金秋十月). the famous Chinese writer Yu Dafu(郁达夫) […]

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