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A Chinese Crash Course – Five Cities in Five Phrases

5 Dec 2014

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Last summer, through a university exchange program, I had the privilege to study Mandarin Chinese for two weeks in the Prague, leading up to a twelve-day cultural excursion throughout northern china. Our route was modeled on the Chinese portion of the ancient Silk Road, which connected China, India, Persia, Arabia and Europe for thousands of […]

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Beijing’s Maliandao Tea Street 马连道茶城 No.11 Maliandao Street, Beijing, China

19 Mar 2013

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Beijing’s Maliandao Tea Street Chinese people love tea. It is more than just a drink it is a way of life and has been for centuries. All of china’s larger cities have tea markets and Beijing, being the capital, outdoes them all in terms of size, quality, and style. Beijing’s tea market is actually a […]

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SoulTravelers3 interview,part 2-my favorate city

2 Jan 2013

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I think you understand celebrity news the love to her lovely daughter in the part one interview. In the name of love, the single language parent can teach the daughter and let her grasp 3 different languages, including the Chinese. Now they can Travel around the world and communicate with most of the local people. suddenly, there […]

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北京,上海,香港 : Tips for Visiting China

9 May 2012

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FOR the first-time visitor to china, planning a trip to the most populous country on earth can be an exercise in trying to tame the infinite. Where to begin? Since most people will be flying into Beijing, Hong Kong or Shanghai, we suggest basing yourself in one of these three cities, each in its own […]

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北京, 万里长城,西安,上海: Here are 7 reasons to visit China now

29 Mar 2012

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china is one of the world’s most fascinating Travel destinations, both for a look into its past and for a chance to ponder its future. China’s evolution from the oppressive Mao years to the current rampant consumerism may be one of the most amazing transitions in human history. Napoleon once said, “China? There lies a […]

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Great Wall or WOW GREAT!

19 May 2011

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What will you think if people mentioned Great Wall to you? Have you ever thought why it is addressed as GREAT WALL? Have you ever been to the GREAT WALL?  If yes, I’d like to invite you to experience everything again, if not, so come with me, to climb the GREAT WALL! In Beijing, there […]

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Beijing Hotels 北京旅館

21 Mar 2011

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china is a big tourist destination. There are so many attractions waiting to surprise us. Most likely to have heard about the sights icon trip to China. Places like the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City and Terracotta Warriors should see all the sights. Beyond this there are many other attractions are still waiting […]

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the easy way to explore the Beijing city for the FIT travelers-coach city tour

17 Aug 2010

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Our open group sightseeing tours of Beijing are a great way of discovering all about the fascinating capital. These tours are available on fixed dates all the year round. Each morning, we will pick you up from your hotel, then you will go visit the major attractions together with other international tourists. Groups are kept […]

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Jason’s second diary-08-08-2010

8 Aug 2010

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Today, I get up at 9:25, and I have breakfast at 10:00. Then I, my mum and my dad go to buy some vegetables, and then we go to home. We have lunch at 1:00and then we have a break. I am sleeping on the bed from 2:40 to 4:25. OK, I will write more […]

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Jason’s first diary-06-08-2010

6 Aug 2010

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This  is my first English diary,  please be kind to me. I get up at 8:30AM.  I  eat  breakfast  at  9:00AM.   After  eating   breakfast.   I have a little  break,  and then I  do my homework  for one hour.   I   play  piano  from  10:40AM  to  11:40AM.   And  then  I  have   lunch   at  12:10AM. At  noon.   I   have  a  nap  from  1:00PM  to […]

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