A Beijinger’s pigeon dream

4 Jan 2015

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It was several years ago. I always wake up with the whistling… That’s the sound of old Beijing. In that days there were not too many high buildings. Most people lived in Hutong houses. We had a slow life. Every morning when I went to school I could see the pigeons flying, with clear pigeon […]

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My Tea drinking hoppy

17 Dec 2014

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Tea in china is not only a kind of drink but also a life style. In Beijing it is always the same. Old Beijingers always like drink jasmine tea . My parents drank it with a cup named “Bagangzi”(把缸子) as I saw when I was a child. It was a cup with handle made by […]

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Culture shock, I need help( ⊙ o ⊙ )

9 Dec 2014

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I met a new friend Lars last week at his annual talk at the Hutong Museum.It was the first time for me to meet so many foreigners in one place that day. It is interesting to talk with them especially when we talk something culture related. But I found we have many different points of view. I […]

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A Chinese Crash Course – Five Cities in Five Phrases

5 Dec 2014

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Last summer, through a university exchange program, I had the privilege to study Mandarin Chinese for two weeks in the Prague, leading up to a twelve-day cultural excursion throughout northern china. Our route was modeled on the Chinese portion of the ancient Silk Road, which connected China, India, Persia, Arabia and Europe for thousands of […]

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Classic china series-HuTong impression in December

5 Dec 2014

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At first I’d like to introduce myself shortly. Vincent Wang is my name, Wang is my family name.I’ve lived in Beijing hutong for over 30 years.I love my country and my hometown Beijing deeply.I am very glad to meet everybody here and I hope we could keep a long friendship in china just like family. […]

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[guest post]5 Great Gifts for People When Celebrating the Chinese New Year

23 Sep 2014

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If you’re thinking about going to china for the New Year, get your tickets now.  It’s one of the most wonderful experiences to get you to fall in love with the culture while creating memories that will last forever.  However, as you meet people and get invited to parties, you’ll need to know how to […]

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Beijing Subway,take you to my home.

17 Sep 2014

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A friend of mine visits Beijing again this year, he visits the city regularly for few years. He always tells me one same thing: Beijing changed a lot as I saw last time. even the small street, the new shops open and new building set up. I quite agree with him seriously. Especially in the […]

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Huo De Zhen Jun temple(the Fire God Daoism Temple) in Beijing and Daoist Xuanwu(玄武)

28 Aug 2014

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The Huode Zhenjun Temple (simplified Chinese:火德真君庙, traditional Chinese:火德真君廟, Pinyin: Huo3 De2 Zhen1 Jun1 Miao4), also known as the Fire God Temple, located near the Houmen Bridge(aka, Wanning brideg万宁桥), is a prominent Chinese Daoist temple of Beijing. just opened last year. Free of ticket for now, but it is one important one in the Daoism history. […]

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coming event this Sunday in Beijing, barcamp

9 Jul 2014

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I will be the speaker of the summer barcamp this Sunday in Beijing. but I will try to introduce something unique. non fashion and hi-tech related, but pure culture and history, the Chinese characters. and I will tell the very original version of the characters. the Oracle Bone characters, AKA 甲骨文 in Chinese.  and I […]

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online booking the hotels and transportation for China travels

9 Apr 2014

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there are several online booking websites if you are planing your trips to china, I am not going to tell you how annoying if have some bad experiences. but I can tell you that you can send your inquiries to my email and I can book what you need.  or you can just click the link to […]

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