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3 Jan 2013


What kind of travels do we offer?

As upgraded travel online travel agent, China Travel 2.0, we don’t offer package tours. why? you can see more from About page. We think package tours restrict flexibility, end up costing more and usually mean you get very common info downloaded from any websites. Instead we take all the elements of an off beaten trip and help you design the travel you need.

3 simple steps to cook your dream China travels

Step One:

Take five minutes to browse the blog posts of a destination we offer and get inspired.

Step Two:

Get in touch to tell me your particular requirements, passions and preferences.

Step Three:

We’ll then work closely with you by phone and email to craft your perfect trip.

Calling for co-authors

We are looking for Chinese Nationals that can speak English, posess an interest in working with International travelers. We would like for you to show travelers ,your home town/city and show them the tourist spots. We want you write for our blog: China Travel 2.0-The first China Travel blog in English. If you are interested, please send us an email along with your CV.


1) Patriotic Chinese citizen
2) Love traveling and networking
3) Want to improve your English skills
4) Ample free time
5) Ability to read and write English
6) Take pictures for China Travel 2.0
7) Understand Chinese Culture
8 ) Possess a kind heart

Being a globle citizen, we all have to start somewhere, so please join us at China Travel 2.0. It will be a good opportunity for you. Work with us and you will be able to improve your English and understand the earth village.

Are you celeb news a traveler? Contact us and meet our blogger in China for a special China Travel!

Are you a blogger? Join us and meet our international travelers from all over the world!


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