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5. Xiaolongbao (小笼包)

Shanghai Qibao old streetThe classic crab roe xiaolongbao is best with a bowl of chicken and mushroom soup.

The stall at No. 15 sells worthy xiaolongbao and it’s all the reason you need to head to the north side of Qibao Old Street over the bridge.

Its fare ranges from RMB 10 for eight pork xiaolongbao to RMB300, or even more, for a basket of fancy shark’s fin xiaolongbao.

The cantankerous head chef is the Marco Pierre White of the Qibao strip. He incessantly barks commands to the half dozen underlings huddled in the standing-room-only holding pen/back kitchen.

But bring your best Shanghainese and a smile and he will soften up and even make sure you are properly taken care of with swift service and zero attitude.

Make sure you try the classic crab roe xiaolongbao (蟹粉小笼, RMB 18 for one basket). If you go in the mornings, have these with an invigorating bowl of chicken and mushroom soup (RMB 8) and you’ll be ready for taichi on the bridge in no time.

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Long Pao Xie Fen Dumplings (龙袍蟹粉小笼馆), 15 Qi Bao Lao Jie Bei Da Jie 七宝老街北大街15号
6. Stinky Tofu (臭豆腐)

Shanghai Qibao old streetEven stinky tofu virgins will be able to stomach the mild Qibao version.

To find the best stinky tofu in Qibao old town, we asked Yu, a man who has patrolled the street for a decade.

“There’s a place I’ve been going to for nine years. I’ll take you there,” says Yu.

Once we reach our stinky destination, Yu tells us this is the only shop on the old street whose owner actually owned a tofu factory and the only shop to get fresh, daily shipments of stinky tofu “at 1 a.m.”

We slather the blocks with chili and fermented tofu sauce (腐乳酱) and bite in. The tofu is so fresh its bouncy on the teeth and has a tangy flavor like sourdough. It is not nearly as stinky as Fangbang Lu tofu, so even first-timers will like it.

For fans who prefer their tofu stinkier, try the vendor in front of 42 Qibao Lao Jie Nan Da Jie, who fries up two types of tofu, including a mild stinky tofu and a gray variety which is called “black bottoms” (黑底).

Ask for all black bottoms in your portion (RMB 5), top it off with some cilantro and chili sauce and be prepared to stink up Qibao. Afterwards, grab a cup of freshly cubed watermelon for RMB 1 to recover.

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Stinky tofu stall, 29 Qi Bao Lao Jie Nan Da Jie 七宝老街南大街29号
7. Pigs’ Trotters (蹄膀)

Shanghai Qibao old streetQibao pigs’ trotters make great souvenirs.

Although Zhujiajiao is the reigning pig’s trotter town in Shanghai, Qibao’s trotters are just as tasty.

The soy-braised pigs’ trotters at Hu Ji are soft and juicy with a hint of five spices (五香) but not overly sweet. They are the perfect edible takeaway to bring on the ride back into Shanghai proper.

The trotters will cost RMB 25-RMB 40 each depending on weight and the shop owners will chop up the meat into bite-sized pieces and pack it into layers of plastic bags until it is spill-proof (we tested this). These pigs’ trotters, sauce and all, are delicious over a fresh bowl of noodles.

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Hu Ji Pigs’ Trotters (胡记酱蹄膀), 24 Qi Bao Lao Jie Nan Da Jie 七宝老街南大街24号,

The Qibao old town is approximately 30 minutes away from Shanghai downtown by metro. Take Metro Line 9 to Qibao Station (七宝站), and Qibao Lao Jie Nan Da Jie is 10 minutes away on foot.

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