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21 Jan 2013

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美国西部五大国家公园自驾游行程特色: 1、行程涵盖了黄石公园、大提顿公园、大峡谷国家公园、死谷国家等知名景区,这是知名园区风景壮丽,相信您的相机会产生很多的佳作了。 2、途径西雅图、洛杉矶、旧金山、拉斯维加斯、杰克逊、盐湖城等西部名城,美国西部狂野、自由的风采将淋漓尽致展现。 3、特别安排旧金山渔人码头螃蟹宴、印第安烧烤、洛杉矶牛排、拉斯维加斯豪华海鲜宴、乡村风味美食等。 4、行程中酒店安排极具美国特色,或豪华五星级酒店,或公园小木屋,或四星乡村风情酒店,都将一一让您体验。   这么精彩的行程路线,想知道更多吗?请直接联系Lisa。 中商国旅奇迹商旅俱乐部  张悦 电话:010-82012296 13031006890

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the Moon lake,Tengger Desert,Alashan, Inner Mongolia,is the wild west what you want in China

20 Nov 2011

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the Moon lake,Tengger Desert,Alashan, Inner Mongolia,is the wild west what you want in China

Desert, Wild west, Mongolia tent, Tibetan temples, oasis, having a rest while enjoying the sunset in the desert by a the moon lake, then take a 30 minutes meditation afterwards and more. the Alashan can give you what you can dream about something can give you the relax and leisure. Today, I just went throught the […]

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Longjing Manor,a boutique restaurant near the Hangzhou West Lake 杭州西湖

1 Apr 2011

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Nestled by the banks of the West Lake is a place where au naturel is the keyword. Xu Jinqian has the details. Longjing Manor by the West Lake in Hangzhou is not the first restaurant to advocate and serve “natural food”, and it will not be the last, as healthy eating trends bloom across the […]

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上海 Shanghai – Luxury Hotels, Shops and Attractions

23 Mar 2011

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Shanghai is the most populous city in china. Sitting at the mouth of the river Yangtze, the city reflects a mix of Western and Eastern cultures in architectural designs. For those staying in luxury hotels, Shanghai offers a variety of pleasures. Purchase a high-end stores along 南京东路 Nanjing Road to explore the country’s history at […]

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Kurtz- Ahlers & Associates and the wellness tours

18 Jan 2011

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Kurtz- Ahlers & Associates , one well-known luxury Travel services company based in USA, has a vast portfolio of destinations can takes you around the globe,  with a wide rang of resorts, spas, and destinations. JoAnn Kurtz-Ahlers, the owner of the Kurtz-Ahlers & Associates, said: Wellness Travel is one of our true passions, and we […]

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JoAnn Kurtz-Ahlers & Associates opens the Chinese website and the blog

17 Jan celebrity gossip 2011

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Now days from several weeks ago, you can see the Chinese button shows on the Kurtz-Ahlers’s website. The Chinese version of the website really keeps the orginal design taste, with good Chinese writing. It is a good sign for the high-end Travel services and for the whole travel industry. The Chinese users can also enjoy […]

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