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personal Sino-UK culture exchange program

4 May 2016

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Winser Zhao, a scholar and teacher of traditional Chinese culture based in Beijing, runs regular calligraphy and Tai Chi workshops in English.  He has been a life long follower of traditional arts and culture and has mastery over disciplines such as martial arts, Taichi, aspects of TCM, Oracle Bone Scripts, and calligraphy. Winser will visit the […]

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lets go farming and learn calligraphy and Taiji,Shunyi,Beijing

10 Apr 2016

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Next Sunday. the last solar terms of spring is coming on April 19th. Guyu, which mean the grain rain.  All the farmers across china will work in their field. It is the great opportunity for kids in cities to learn the farming, it is the good chance to give the food education as well. if your […]

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How to learn Real Taiji in Beijing

29 Mar 2016

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Introduction As you have seen from various movies, martial arts are meant to be practiced slowly with elegance. One of the oldest and most traditional of Chinese Kung fu epitomizes this  concept – Taiji (Tai Chi).

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Lets Shine Edu offering the Chinese culture lessons near Taiyanggong now

23 Mar 2016

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We have Taiji master and calligraphy teachers ready for your Chinese culture enthusiasm. As you may know the Yin and Yang of Chinese philosophy. You can see the Yin and Yang everywhere in china.  Taiji has Yin and Yang. Calligraphy has Yin and Yang. Actually the Taiji and Calligraphy is a pair of Yin and […]

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桑敬民 三尺讲台铸就传奇 Teacher Sang in the newspaper

13 Jan 2016

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source:京华时报。 在北京工业大学,桑敬民老师是个传奇人物。作为共和国的同龄人,桑老师在三尺讲台上奉献了30余年,她热爱教师这个职业,用一颗真诚的心对待每一位学生,她主讲的课程在学校受到学生们追捧。即使面对多次的疾病重创,桑老师都用一颗豁达的心去面对,用自己的良好德行感染着每一位与她接触的人,成为学生的楷模,教师的典范。

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Winter camp coming, a good opportunity to learn Chinese culture.

30 Dec 2015

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熊孩子马上放假了 肿么办 !!! 各位小主家里的宝贝儿们 马上要放假了吧 天寒地冻 孩子自己窝在家 粑粑麻麻忙碌 不能给予更多的陪伴 爷爷奶奶看管 不能学到更多的知识 寒假来了,幼小的她,可能是这样的 呃,也可能是这样的 这样的。。。

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南斋的来历-the history of Nanzhai(the South office)

18 Dec 2015

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上书房 自康熙之后,因鉴于历代及当朝皇子间的嫡庶争夺之祸,诏命皇帝在世时,永不建立储君,用以清弭皇子间的纷争。凡皇子年及六岁,即入上书房读书受教。上书房在乾清宫左,面朝北,近在禁廷之内,以便于皇帝随时考察其勤怠。

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my calligraphy teacher——Mr. Hanshi, the host of 南斋 Beijing office

15 Dec 2015

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15 Dec 2015

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What is Taiji and where can I learn Taiji in Beijing?

20 Sep 2015

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What is Taiji and where can I learn Taiji in Beijing?

What is tai chi?太极是什么? There are many different ways to answer the question, “What is tai chi?” Tai chi (also taiji) was developed in china as a very effective martial arts. When refered to as a marital art it is called tai chi chuan (translated as ‘grand ultimate fist‘). Most people both in China and […]

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