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Longjing Manor,a boutique restaurant near the Hangzhou West Lake 杭州西湖

1 Apr 2011

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Nestled by the banks of the West Lake is a place where au naturel is the keyword. Xu Jinqian has the details. Longjing Manor by the West Lake in Hangzhou is not the first restaurant to advocate and serve “natural food”, and it will not be the last, as healthy eating trends bloom across the […]

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浙江省: Just like being in a movie – Zhejiang Province

1 Apr 2011

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Thin drizzle shrouds Jingxing Rock in a mist, creating a dream-like scene, in Xianju county, Zhejiang province. The ancient towns and villages of eastern Zhejiang and its picturesque scenery have been the location of many films. Lu Yi reports. Eastern Zhejiang province is one of the most romantic regions of china. The idyllic corridor between […]

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Jianglangshan Mountain江郎山-one of the China Danxia Landforms in Zhejiang Province

4 Aug 2010

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China Danxia Landform have been listed in the World Heritage List at its 34th world heritage meeting held in Brasilia, capital of Brazil on April,01.2010. “Danxia Landform of china” is the general name of a Serial Nomination for World Natural Heritage. This nomination consists of six geologically and geographically related Danxia Landform areas which collectively […]

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This is the interview of Megan Eaves-the author of This is China

25 Jul 2009

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To survive any length of time in china means to be flexible. Whether you are living here, or just touring around for a couple of weeks, you will find you must be flexible.    —–Megan Eaves She never knew she will write a book about China when she first time came to China as part of […]

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