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The Top 5 Most Romantic Locations in China

12 Mar 2013

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As the 4th largest country in the world and the largest in all of Asia, china has a vast array of scenery, attractions, beauty and culture. Romantic getaway spots would not be all that hard to stumble upon in the land of the rising sun. To harness the power of romance, let’s imagine a couple […]

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The 4-weeks Great China trip designed by Winser Zhao

3 Jun 2012

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My sister and I had a great trip.  Winser set up the itinerary for our 4 weeks in china exactly the way we requested.  He also adjusted our itinerary when the need arose.  I could say all the glowing accolades that everyone else does about Winser’s service.  In each city we had our own driver […]

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西藏 Tibet’s achievements celebrated

29 Mar 2011

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Tibet’s achievements celebrated 拉萨 LHASA – Padma Choling, chairman of the Tibet autonomous region, delivered a speech on Sunday to the Tibetan people in celebration of the Third Serfs Emancipation Day and promised more efforts for a new Tibet that is stable, united, democratic and well-developed. An accreditation ceremony is held in Lhasa’s Jokhang Temple […]

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Pictures tell us the changes or developments

4 Aug 2010

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I’d like to re-post the pictures from thetravelersnotebook, the pictures can tell the changes yesterday and today. goto the page to see more pictures for others places in the world. Beijing: Maybe they are not the very same places, but it is true that the old buildings are disapearing every single day. Shanghai-You can see, […]

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Foreign travelers can not goto Tibet in March!

18 Mar 2010

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I was told that Tibet is close again and the foreign travelers can not enter Lhasa at least by the end of March. Then I called a local Travel agent operator and confirmed!  Besides, the permission released before will be all withdrawed. and they are not allowed to tell more details. the only reason they […]

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China Travel 2.0 presented: one dream destination beyond golden triangle-Chengdu tour

19 Feb 2010

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More and more people are looking for more destinations beyond the golden Triangle(Beijing,Shanghai,Xi’an). Someone will vote for the Guilin, someone will say Yangshuo, but I will suggest another city-Chengdu. the reason is simple, you will lose something if you will not goto the Giant Panda’s breeding base center in Chengdu. Chengdu Map above So we […]

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Brief Introduction of Xuedun festival in Lhasa

20 Aug 2009

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The Shoton(Xuedun,雪顿节) Festival is one of the annual typical Tibetan festivals in Lhasa. During the festival, there will be lots of dancing and singing shows by all the performing groups (professional and local). Including the horse racing and Yak racing. This Shoton festival began from 20th Aug to 26th Aug, there will be an international […]

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Tibet is difficult for a destination for foreigners? 去西藏有那么难吗?

19 Aug 2009

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Lhasa is always a dream destination for all people, east and west. especially for those travellers who Travel in china. I bet some of them will arrive in Lhasa airport directly if it is possiable. For some reasons, It is difficult to travel to Tibet, even for the Chinese, it is a really far place […]

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