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Ciqikou-a must see spot in Chongqing,China travels

21 Feb 2014

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there is a very interesting place in Chongqing, it has the same name as a  place in Beijing, called Ciqikou (Chinese: 磁器口; pinyin: Cíqìkǒu; literally “Porcelain Port”) . the place is an ancient town in the Shapingba District of Chongqing Municipality, People’s Republic of china, originally called Longyinzhen (simplified Chinese: 龙隐镇; traditional Chinese: 龍隱鎮; pinyin:Lóngyǐnzhèn) […]

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guest post:Exciting Alternative Safari Tours in China

13 Feb 2013

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by  Jenifer For most people, the destinations that first spring to mind on hearing the words ‘safari holiday’ are Africa and India. But the vast Chinese nation also has a lot to offer the adventurous traveller looking for superb wildlife-spotting opportunities. Take a Safari Tour with a Difference china is a country where visitors learn to […]

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Hotpot In China

27 Mar 2012

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Hi, I am your new friend of the website. My name is Connie. I come from Chengdu, which is the capital of Sichuan province. Have you heard about Chengdu? Hotpot, Panda, Mapo Dofu and embroidery of Shu(蜀, a short name of Chengdu), all of these are about Chengdu. The fantastic thing is that it is […]

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Ciyun Monastery(慈云寺)in Chongqing

14 Feb 2011

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        Many Chinese people are believers in the Buddhist religion.  In the past thousands of temples and monasteries have been built in china. Chongqing has many monasteries.          I would like to introduce to you a very special monastery; it’s called the Ciyun Monastery(慈云寺).         The Ciyun Monastery is located at the base of Lion […]

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Eling Garden(Goose Neck Garden鹅岭公园)

12 Feb 2011

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        I will introduce you to a pretty garden of Chongqing(重庆). It is located in the peak of Yuzhong peninsula(渝中半岛) of Chongqing. If you look at the map of Yuzhong District, you will notice the outline of Yuzhong looks like the head of a goose. Chaotianmen Harbor(朝天门码头)is the beak of the goose, then, the larger […]

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Chongqing People’s Liberation Monument(解放碑)

12 Feb 2011

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        We all know Chongqing municipality has 19 districts, 17 counties and 4 autonomous counties. Yuzhong District(渝中区), Jiulongpo District(九龙坡区),Shapingba District(沙坪坝区), Nan’an District(南岸区) and Jiangbei District(江北区), Dadukou District(大渡口区), Beibei District(北碚区), Ba’nan District(巴南区) are all called the main districts of Chongqing. Among them, Yuzhong District is the most famous one.         When you visit Chongqing, you should […]

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6 Day Standard Tour of Wuhan – Chonqing Yangtze River Cruise

16 Dec 2010

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Start sailing from Wuhan,Hubei Province, the cradle of the Ancient Chu culture, through Jianghan Plain, the amazing three gorges to Chongqing, the birthplace of the famous Ba Regime. Embark the German-made Cruise ship; though the German products would arose less romantic sentiments, but the safe and solid nature will not let you down. Details Day […]

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Brief Introduction to Chongqing(重庆概况)

8 Aug 2010

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        Chongqing has a long history of over 3,000 years. celebrity news It is located in the southeast of Sichuan Basin, just at the (confluence)joint of two rivers, the Yangtze and the Jialing River. The city proper is bordered by water on three sides: something like a narrow peninsula or a land in water. Because of this […]

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