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The Top 5 Most Romantic Locations in China

12 Mar 2013

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As the 4th largest country in the world and the largest in all of Asia, china has a vast array of scenery, attractions, beauty and culture. Romantic getaway spots would not be all that hard to stumble upon in the land of the rising sun. To harness the power of romance, let’s imagine a couple […]

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SoulTravelers3 interview,part 2-my favorate city

2 Jan 2013

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I think you understand the love to her lovely daughter in the part one interview. In the name of love, the single language parent can teach the daughter and let her grasp 3 different languages, including the Chinese. Now they can Travel around the world and communicate with most of the local people. suddenly, there […]

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The Bund: an Enigmatic Part of Shanghai

16 May 2012

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Shanghai City is a major Chinese port today and has been so in the past as well. However the stature it holds now is not what it has experienced in the past. It has grown by leaps and bounds and is the commercial hub of the country and is a major port city. The city […]

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北京,上海,香港 : Tips for Visiting China

9 May 2012

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FOR the first-time visitor to china, planning a trip to the most populous country on earth can be an exercise in trying to tame the infinite. Where to begin? Since most people will be flying into Beijing, Hong Kong or Shanghai, we suggest basing yourself in one of these three cities, each in its own […]

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上海 最好的小龙虾: Shanghai’s 5 best 小龙虾 Crayfish restaurants:

27 Jul 2011

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Shanghai’s 5 best 小龙虾 ( Crayfish )Restaurants: A bite-by-bite guide Dig into Shanghai’s favorite summer seafood in five crowd-pleasing xiaolongxia restaurants Your perfect Shanghai summer dinner: clawlicious xiaolongxia and beer. Call them what you like — crayfish, crawfish, crawdads, “little dragon shrimp” or “little lobsters” — but everyone knows that the Shanghainese go gaga about […]

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上海: Five beautiful places right next to the Shanghai Metro Stations

10 Jul 2011

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Admire the Huangpu River meeting the Yangtze, frolic in a lush experimental farm or just lie still in Asia’s most artistic wheat field — all only a metro ride away Shanghai’s best-kept secrets aren’t all hidden down dark corners and twisting alleyways. Some are actually highly accessible. In fact, so accessible, they’re right next to […]

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上海 Top Chef Shanghai: The age of quantified dumplings 饺子

29 Mar 2011

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There was no reality TV show, but half a century ago, Shanghai’s comrade chefs were battling it out in the kitchen In the 1950s the battle for top chef was held at the Sino-Soviet Friendship Mansion. “Shanghai’s New Day Has Dawned” roared the headline of the English-language Shanghai News in June 1950. But just two months before, […]

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Six Shanghai adventures for less than RMB 150

24 Mar celeb gossip 2011

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You don’t have to Travel far to find an adventurous Shanghai sport — maybe just move a little out of downtown Living in Shanghai, it can be easy to get into a routine — doing the same things in the same places with the same people. It’s easy to forget that we live in a […]

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上海 Shanghai – Luxury Hotels, Shops and Attractions

23 Mar 2011

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Shanghai is the most populous city in china. Sitting at the mouth of the river Yangtze, the city reflects a mix of Western and Eastern cultures in architectural designs. For those staying in luxury hotels, Shanghai offers a variety of pleasures. Purchase a high-end stores along 南京东路 Nanjing Road to explore the country’s history at […]

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上海 – Shanghai: A City Of Many Faces

23 Mar 2011

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Shanghai divides easily into three major parts: the Old City; the Former French, British and America Concessions; and Pudong, the New Shanghai. While the structures of the older city tend to reflect typically older or traditional Chinese culture, the Pudong projects its vision of Shanghai with towering skyscrapers and bright lights. Wherever you stay, in […]

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