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Xianren valley and the organic rice in Zhangjiajie forest park

30 Jun 2012

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Thanks for my friend Wangjian offering me the opportunity to visit the Zhangjiajie forest park and his organic rice today. It is well known to all that the Zhangjiajie forest park is the film base for the Avatar and the Journey to the West and some other films, for its fantastic and marvelous scenery. but […]

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the Yuanfen缘分 with Chinese medicine-Debra Xiangjun’s China Complex

19 Apr 2009

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I found twitter always can brings great persons, their tweets can give you inspiration and let you understand the world more and deeply.  Her tweets about Chinese culture and knowlodge about Chinese Medicine and the good heart always let me to know her more, from the first day when I met Debra Xiangjun via twitter, I […]

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