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北京,上海,香港 : Tips for Visiting China

9 May 2012

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FOR the first-time visitor to china, planning a trip to the most populous country on earth can be an exercise in trying to tame the infinite. Where to begin? Since most people will be flying into Beijing, Hong Kong or Shanghai, we suggest basing yourself in one of these three cities, latest celebrity news each in its own […]

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Guest Post-Hong Kong : A Most Incredible Experience

13 Mar 2011

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Hong Kong is an island often thought to be an autonomous republic, separate from the Great Republic of china; however, it is actually an administrative area that is part of China. When thinking of Hong Kong, it is easy to envision bustling sidewalks, large business meetings, and bustling conferences. Many companies with the funds often […]

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guest post:China Travel – Get around Hong Kong-the transportation

30 Oct 2010

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As metropolitan cities go, Hong Kong is one of the most densely packed regions in the world – the population currently stands at over 7 million people according to the 2009 census with a population density of 6,600 persons per square kilometre. So when it comes to moving these people and getting around, you can […]

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