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Warm Sanya Travel during the Chinese Spring Festival

20 Jan 2010

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Highlight Sanya is located on the southernmost tip of Hainan Island, Sanya is the island’s most famous tropical resort, wonderful in the baking summer months and also a popular spot in winter too. Once home to china’s most reviled exiles. Sanya has been transformed from a spot that no one wanted to visit at the ‘end […]

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not only a good memory-Hainan,my hometown

18 Nov 2008

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This was the sky dates back  to 2005—-the most important year for almost all the high school students of my age in china. I took picture at the same spot evry dusk to record the tiny little change of my life and that year. It was just as beautiful as the memory of that year I had gone through.I’ve been study […]

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Hello, everyone!–by a new co-author of China Travel and Hotel weblog.

9 Nov 2008

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Hi,this is Winser.I’d like to introduce our new co-author of the china Travel and Hotel blog. Satan. Yeah, she named Satan. but she is really a loveling and easygoing girl from Hainan Province, South China. Well, we will have 4 co-authors uptill now. and all of them come from local China and they are native […]

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