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personal Sino-UK culture exchange program

4 May 2016

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Winser Zhao, a scholar and teacher of traditional Chinese culture based in Beijing, runs regular calligraphy and Tai Chi workshops in English.  He has been a life long follower of traditional arts and culture and has mastery over disciplines such as martial arts, Taichi, aspects of TCM, Oracle Bone Scripts, and calligraphy. Winser will visit the […]

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SoulTravelers3 interview, part 3-life is one big trip

5 Jan 2013

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How lucky her daughter can speak fluent Chinese, even she can recite the Chinese classics, such as dizigui弟子规,You know even not all the Chinese students know this classics. I am sure they will enjoy the trips in china, cause they can understand the culture easily, at least they can communicate with the locals if they […]

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SoulTravelers3 interview,part 2-my favorate city

2 Jan 2013

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I think you understand the love to her lovely daughter in the part one interview. In the name of love, the single language parent can teach the daughter and let her grasp 3 different languages, including the Chinese. Now they can Travel around the world and communicate with most of the local people. suddenly, there […]

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Subway Line No 6 openning, Nanluoguxiang stops

1 Jan 2013

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My father told us the subway line No 6 would start to peration before the year of 2013 comes. I am glad to know that it will be easy for us to visit my parents who live close to the No 2 Foreign Language university in Chaoyang district. Every weekend, we used to spent about […]

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Emilia’s Blog – The grand tour; Tienanmen square, the forbidden city, traditional chinese medicine shop, lunch, pearl factory and then the summer palace…quite a day!

22 Jul 2012

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So today was off the hook crazy! Firstly i got up at 6.45 which took a while, I was supposed to meet the rest of the tour group at this place but I couldnt seem to find it, after several phone calls and riding around aimlessly i found the group and off we set. First we walked […]

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Emilia’s blog-the Juyongguan Greatwall and the rain storm

21 Jul 2012

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Sorry to all of you whom were expecting a blog yesterday, I was rather tired and worn out plus i had to get up early today so I didnt really have time to write anything. My day yesterday was same old same old, lessons as usual and then come back in the afternoon. We went […]

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Emilia’s blog-I enjoyed the acrobat show

19 Jul 2012

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Hello hello Everyone. Today was hot. I could have melted if I stayed outside for more than an hour!! Hopefully though it will rain and all the smog and dust will get cleared up as I think i may melt soon! I had such a good nights sleep last night I dont even know how […]

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Emilia’s blog-trying to order the meal in Mandarin

18 Jul 2012

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I am really sorry but I won’t be doing any characters today as I am extra tired. I really didnt sleep well last night and I have had quite a busy day! I had language school again today, i took the subway for the first time by myslef which was a bit scary but otherwise […]

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Emilia’s blog : Chinese History and the Hanzi development (please read)

18 Jul 2012

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Emilia’s blog : Chinese History and the Hanzi development (please read)

A brief understanding and history to Calligraphy: Before the Qing dynasty(清朝) none knew that the Jia Gou Wen existed. The Jia Gou Wen was carved into bones and shells and told the simplest of things. It was created around 3000 years before the Qing dynasty. The people who owned the bones and the shells were […]

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emilia’s homestay-Can I take the subway by myself?

17 Jul 2012

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so today i had my second day of language school which was better for me i think! we did reviewing and going over things that the class had done before me and i was taught what they already kind of knew! it was quite intimidating at first because i was doing all of the work […]

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