17 Jan 2008


the Idea of China Travel 2.0

What is China Travel 2.0?  It is a new idea of a travel concetp, the idea upgraded from the tradtional travels. We are trying to follow the trends of the travel industry.  We are here to blog about traveling.

I have shared the ideas with other travel experts worldwide.  One blogs on family travel tips, and/or how to travel with children.  Another one is a co-founder of  an online travel search company.  Lastly, another is an expert in the international tourism marketing especially in the digital marketing.

We believe the traditional concept model of travel has changed.

But it’s the same typical tour of China that everybody tends to see.  The typical China tour consist of having a designated tour guide who will travel with them on a very tight schedule.  It’s a pre-packaged tour, everyone goes to the same cities,  packed together on buses.  And they all see the typical tourist sight-seeing locations, go to a pre-arranged factory/shops. Eat westernized Chinese food at pre-arranged restaurants. The downside of these tours, is that there is no contact and interaction with local Chinese inhabitants.  They hear pre-arranged, pre-scripted speeches, and stories, some of which is factual, and some which is not.

This is where China Travel 2.0 is different from the traditional travel industry. Our concept is to introduce the traveler to a cultural tour; an eco-tour.  We have developed specialized tours.  We have a different concept of that traveling in China should be for the international traveler that has come to China.

One of my concepts with China Travel 2.0, is that there is no traditional tour guide.  But we(me and other bloggers of China Travel 2.0) will assist in getting the traveler where they want to go. Based upon what the traveler desires/requierments, we will recommend sight-seeing locations where they can go, how to get there.  We will tell the traveler of the location’s cultural history and traditions of that location.  We will recommend restaurants and food  for them to eat.

Therefore, the traveler designs their itineray.

Want to learn Chinese calligraphy, or Taichi? Want to get a body or foot massage? We can introduce the traveler to experts who will teach them. Want to go hiking on local trails, or join a group of local hikers? Or you want to learn Chinese. Whatever you want to do, we will provide the guidance,and the means for you to do what you want to experience, and what you want to learn. You determine how you want to spent your time, and China Travel 2.0 will work with you. We want for you to learn and digest the soul and the heart of the Chinese people,and to learn Chinese culture.

This is the concept of China Travel 2.0.  I invite you to come and join China Travel 2.0.

Header Calligraphy

A Chinese saying for over 2000 years, by Confucius(Chinese 孔子,Hanyu Pinyin:KongZi).  有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎? Translation: you can see different translation here:

1)How very glad we are to welcome friends from afar.
2)It is a delight to have friends coming from a far away.
3)It is happy that friends comes from a far.
4)Isn’t it delightful to meet friends from a far?
5)How happy we are to meet friends coming from afar!
6)Is it not a delight after all to have friends come from afar ?

Whatever the translation, the meaning is the same: We are happy to meet friends come from far away.  Come to China. you will find that China is friendly, hospitable and an interesting country for you to explore.

Calligraphy 书法:is written by Winser Zhao, who has been practicing calligraphy for over 6 years.  His instructor is Mr. Han Shi. The calligraphy style is Lishu(隶书,a type for over 2000 years) . I like it very much. and you?

Why create this type travel website?

Elliott Ng set up a blog called CNReviews.com.  He wrote an article, ‘Mind the Gap at 14:28: The Three Day Mourining Period’ and ‘American Twitterati.’  :http://tinyurl.com/6kqb72.  Paul Denlinger wrote an article concerning China affaires. « Let’s see  how many ways, we can get this wrong.’  :http://tinyurl.com/6kqb72 Both articles are very interesting.

I’d like to introduce to travelers to China, and let them see China in  a different way.




Winser Zhao

Winser Zhao is a native Beijinger.  He was a full –time editor of  subjects concerning water treatement and environment  for a science publiciation.

He likes travel and China traditional culture.

Most everyone would like to travel. There’s a Chinese proverb: [读万卷书,行万里路] which means. Read thousands of books, and travel thousands of miles.   There’s a famous American folk song: ‘Blowing in the Wind’ ‘how many roads must a man walk, before you can call him a man?

Traveling in China can be strange to travelers unfamiliar with Chinese culture and way of life. We travelers to see our cities the way we see them. Along the way, you will obtain a different perspective .  We can address your needs, and help you save some money along the way.  We hope that everyone that uses our services will enjoy China, as we de-mysterify our country to you.  We would whole-heartly appreciate showing you our cities, and our way of life in todays’ China.

Content Consulant

Will Lee

Live in San Francisco, CA, work in Silicon Valley High technology: Human Resources: Compensation Consultant, 高科技人力资源薪/酬薪金专家, MBA, Golfer, 高尔夫球手, Long Distance Harley-Davidson 长途哈雷戴维森骑手, frequent traveler to Canada & China


China Travel 2.0 is a blog based travel business website. So the main resources/contents wrote by the authors from BeijingShanghai and Xi’an, etc who are native Chinese.  Our main focus is to introduce our cities to foreign visitiors.  celebrity news Use our personal knowledge and experiences we can. Chinese is our mother language, but English is not, so bear with us, if you see Zhongguo-Chinglish on ocassion here on our blog. You will read our blog as we will be writing about Chinese culture and about China.

Are you a traveler? Contact us and meet our blogger in China for a special China Travel!

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