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English Teachers can travel China too

  1. please introduce yourself, where are you from, where are you now, what do you do?


I’m Joseph Harrison and I’m originally from Wolverhampton, England but I’m currently living in Wuhan, china. In Wuhan I am now working as a Kindergarten teacher for a private education group.


  1. I bet there are lots of people want to work in a beautiful city in China, you are so lucky, tell us how can you make it? please tell us what’s the key tip.

It’s all about wanting something so badly that you will go out of your way to achieve that goal. I interviewed for countless teaching jobs from the United Kingdom, my job hunt lasted almost one year and I almost gave up but I knew that China was meant to be! Dealing with the cultural differences whilst living in China requires taking a lot of no notice to things that would be seen as disgraceful in my country, it’s all about keeping focussed and seeing those culture shocks are like lessons in life.


Having good negotiation skills has left me in good stead as far as my working life goes, working through a teaching agency has proved to be a challenging aspect of my life in China. I’m constantly doing my research about pretty much everything because living and teaching English isn’t as much of a fantasy as it’s portrayed on some of those glossy graduate websites. I managed to negotiate the holidays I’m entitled to for the second year and increase my wage to a respectable amount.


Keeping what you want insight is all that needs to be considered, I followed my head for the legal side but my heart is fully embracing each experience as my time in China continues to enrich my life.


  1. where did you visit world wide? where did you visit in China? say Travel in China, whats the big difference compared with traveling in other countries in the world? whats your suggestions for westerns traveling in China for the first time?


From as far back as I can remember I have always been a globetrotter, as a child I was immensely lucky to spend one month in Sydney, Australia to see some relatives there. My parents owned a holiday home in Turkey, mapping out almost fourteen years of family summer holidays I do miss those times. During my time studying at university in Birmingham, England I had the chance to work at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, USA for three months during the summer of 2011. Working alongside people from all parts of Latin, North and South America definitely opened my eyes to the world that stood before me!


China has always been somewhere that I was my radar, I’m a lover of Oriental food and history so I jumped at the chance to teach English in Wuhan, China. I have been very fortunate to travel to a number of places in China during my time here so far, ranging from visits to Chengdu, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Changsha and Shanghai. I have numerous travel opportunities planned for the next year or so within China. My extension to my teaching position will hopefully allow me the chance to see over thirteen provinces, two administrative regions, three municipalities and two of China’s Autonomous Regions at the end of my China journey in 2017.


  1. can you speak Chinese? whats the survival Chinese traveling in China? can you tell us some stories about how do learn Chinese?


I can speak a bit little of Chinese, most of the words that I do know of have been taught to me by my students who range from two years old to six years old. I work in a predominately all Chinese speaking environment so I have had to listen to what the other teachers are saying and with the odd translation I have broadened my Chinese vocabulary. I haven’t really found not speaking much Chinese a problem whilst travelling in China, maybe I’ve just been lucky or my sense of direction hasn’t let me down yet?


  1. tell the expats live in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, is it worth travel to Wuhan? why?


Wuhan is one China’s central powerhouses, as a city the size of London it holds its own compared to the likes of Beijing and Shanghai. Wuhan is more than worthy of a long weekend away, for international visitors it offers a sense of what those modern day megacities used to be like. I have found that beneath the surface Wuhan has tonnes of charm and a promising future as China’s possible fifth municipality. The Yellow Crane Tower stands beside the banks of the Yangtze River as Wuhan’s key mascot, I have been able find countless sights to keep my blog ticking over, capturing memories to carry my China experience further than my agreed two years of employment.

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