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personal Sino-UK culture exchange program

Winser Zhao, a scholar and teacher of traditional Chinese culture based in Beijing, runs regular calligraphy and Tai Chi workshops in English.  He has been a life long follower of traditional arts and culture and has mastery over disciplines such as martial arts, Taichi, aspects of TCM, Oracle Bone Scripts, and calligraphy.
Winser will visit the UK from July 15th to July 29th with his wife and two sons (ages 9 and 11).
During his two-week stay in London and surroundings. He would like to partake in a culture exchange program while his wife attends the annual conference.  He hopes he can meet the locals and club and associations who want to learn more about Chinese language and culture.
What he needs:
1. A one-week summer camp for his two sons – sports and language learning are the best(18th July to 26th July).
2. A local who can advise them on some sight-seeing.
What he can offer:
1. Two-hour class on calligraphy per day(18th July to 26th July).
2. Two-hour class on Tai Chi per day(18th July to 26th July).
3. Two-hour class on Chinese language per day(18th July to 26th July).
About Winser Zhao
W famous people inser Zhao was teaching Chinese martial arts in one international school in Beijing.
1. A Chinese culture scholar
Winser was born in 1975, and raised in a small village in Hebei province, North china.   Under the guidance of his grandfather, he began his education in the classic tradition at age 6, starting with calligraphy, literature, and later martial arts.
2. A Tai Chi master
Winser moved to Beijing when he was 12, where he furthered his training in martial arts.  He met his Tai Chi teacher in 2003, a true master in the traditional style.  For the next 13 years, he practiced the Tai Chi every day. Winser’s master consents to his passing on this art.
3. A calligraphy teacher
He has several important calligraphy masters who taught him different writing styles, including one in the research of Oracle Bone Scripts.  His fascinating lecture style and profound knowledge of Chinese culture makes him one of the best popular teachers in Beijing, with regular classes and workshop year round.
His two sons enjoying the National holiday in the Tengger Desert in 2015.
Please feel free to contact Winser Zhao, any ideas and suggestions are welcomed.

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