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Lets Shine Edu offering the Chinese culture lessons near Taiyanggong now

23 Mar 2016

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We have Taiji master and calligraphy teachers ready for your Chinese culture enthusiasm. As you may know the Yin and Yang of Chinese philosophy. You can see the Yin and Yang everywhere in china.  Taiji has Yin and Yang. Calligraphy has Yin and Yang. Actually the Taiji and Calligraphy is a pair of Yin and Yang as well. Our Taiji master and calligraphy teacher practice the Taiji and martial arts too. So you can see, the Taiji and calligraphy is the core content of Chinese culture.I bet now you can understand Chinese kids start to learn the calligraphy from the primary school, practice the martial arts from their young age.

we were invited to give some Chinese culture classes to an international school in Shunyi Beijing. We found the international kids love it as well.

Now you can join us every week, depends on your schedule(we have calligraphy calss for kids every day after school). Taiji class every Wed and Thu after school. the studio locate at the UHN International village(Mao Hua Guo Ji Cun) near the Taiyanggong subway station.

contact me if you have any request.

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