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3rd day

8 May 2015

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It was the third day in the Travel. In the second day’s night. Our elder brother in Xi’an suggested us we should to go to the tomb of our grand father’s on the third day’s morning.

Because it was the spring festival. We should go there and take a look of him. It is Chinese traditional .

So on the third day’s early morning. We drove to the tomb. It is a very beautiful place. Full of peace. In the front of the tomb, there is a river and there are some small hills behind it. Why Chinese tomb always like this? It was called Fengshui(风水) . In Chinese mind and culture . The river flows just like money flow and the small hills just like backer. It is the best Fengshui of building a house . Especially for the tombs. You can always find some examples in daily life. For instance, Outside the forbidden city there is a circle river and behind the forbidden city there is a small hill called Jingshan(also known as Coal hill).


After we left the tomb. We hang a bunch of firecrackers(made of plastic) in front of the car . It is a tradition too. It was made the ghost go away from our car and do not follow our car.

The second destination on the third day is Muslim Street(回民街) . It was an old street in Xi’an city. Because Xi’an was the center of china. The start point of the silk road . So it was a integration city . Muslim street is a classic area that many people who come from west lived in this zone. Many years passed. It becomes a main area Muslim people.

Muslim people(回族人) always are good at cook . So the area called delicious food center of Xi’an as well . But be careful Muslim rule. Do not do something forbidden.


We had Pita Bread Soaked in Mutton Soup (羊肉泡馍) there . It was a very special food. It includes a bowl of mutton soup and a sesame seed cake (烧饼) . You have to break the cake to little pieces by your hands and put them in the soup. It is celebrity news really delicious. It is a very crowded area. There are many kinds of delicious food and famous restaurants.


We left Muslim street in the afternoon.

.  I drank too much that evening when we had the family reunion, . It is really a way of relax.

The fourth day’s travel will coming soon !

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