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A Beijinger’s pigeon dream

4 Jan 2015

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It was several years ago. I always wake up with the whistling… That’s the sound of old Beijing.

In that days there were not too many high buildings. Most people lived in Hutong houses. We had a slow life. Every morning when I went to school I could see the pigeons flying, with clear pigeon whistle, which was better than a clock. And when the sun set you always could see the pigeons flying. It just liked a clock told people the time.


Even at that time. I had my own pigeons too. My grandfather feed them. I have three pigeons. I lived near the drum tower “Gulou” (鼓楼)that time. I had to go to school during the daytime. So I can only fly them in the afternoon. When they fly around the “Gulou”(鼓楼)  I felt the pigeons just like myself. Freely fly in the sky, see more farther than me… the world is too big, I want to see the world…


Now most people in Beijing live in the high rise buildings. We just like living in a city made from forest of cement. We are working hard just like what happen in any other big city in the world. In weekends I went back to my parent’ s house. In the morning I ate some “Doufunao”(豆腐脑) and “Baozi”(包子). And I could see the pigeons flying in the sky. I heard the pigeons’ whistling. That is the feeling of peace life. That is the sound of hometown…


Old days had passed. Just as the city change a lot. The Beijingers‘ life changed too. Most of us left Hutong. Beijing ,one of the most big city in the world, has many people migrant from different areas and countries. We have a very fast style of life today. Even some times I felt I got lost in the city. I heard many different accents of Chinese, I heard many different languages. But where am I from ? Who am I ? I always ask myself. Most of Hutong had disappeared. Hutong is my hometown. Just like you see the pigeons flying through the tall buildings is different from they flying in the Hutong area. Because they can fly the highest in Hutong, highest in every Beijinger’s heart.


Many things had changed these years. But my memory is not. That is the feeling of old Beijing.

That is the pigeons’ whistling in every Hutong Beijinger’s dream…


Vincent wang


In Baochao Hutong

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Author: @ZhenJie Wang

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One Response to “A Beijinger’s pigeon dream”

  1. winser says:

    i could even hear the pigeon’s whistle now. but there are fewer and fewer pigeons now days, and the pigeon’s whistle will suddenly disappear among the loud traffic and car horn.

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