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My Tea drinking hoppy

17 Dec 2014

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Tea in china is not only a kind of drink but also a life style. In Beijing it is always the same.

Old Beijingers always like drink jasmine tea . My parents drank it with a cup named “Bagangzi”(把缸子) as I saw when I was a child. It was a cup with handle made by enamel .It is very popular in the old days, especially in every Danwei(company or factory) and school. Just like some fashion that time I thought .But now it fewer.


In the old time .Having a cup of jasmine tea is not only a drinking but also a kind of enjoyment .The sweet smell in my mouth really gives a good feeling.

Now everything had changed .Because a lot of work I had to work and working hard every day .Even that I almost can’t finish it as many others did. So there is no time for resting .I must keep in good state with energy.


In the weekends, I like to drink some jasmine tea at home. It really gives me a very comfortable feeling especially when I watch TV or do some reading with jasmine tea drinking. I can invite you to my home and drink some jasmine tea.

I used to drink it; the jasmine tea becomes a good friend of mine. Jasmine tea grows up with me. And there are many stories about it. There is several different type of tea in China. But for Beijingners, jasmine tea is just like a label of local Beijinger. It represents the Beijinger’s concentrated tradition and living style. Want to have some tea with me? You can learn more info in following posts. And hope to see you in real and let’s have some tea someday my friend.




Vincent Wang


Baochao Hutong

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