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Culture shock, I need help( ⊙ o ⊙ )

9 Dec 2014

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I met a new friend Lars last week at his annual talk at the Hutong Museum.It was the first time for me to meet so many foreigners in one place that day. It is interesting to talk with them especially when we talk something culture related. But I found we have many different points of view.

I had read many articles about the difference between Chinese and foreigners. Such as table culture and so on. But I am focus on the different angle of view when we talk the same topic.

For example I argued with Lars on a local issue that day. Something about the color of the Beijing courtyard house gate. It is common to see now days more and more gates painted to red. Lars asked me whether it was always the red in the past or not. I said “yes certainly!” Then he said “Are you sure?Maybe the memory will lie to you!”Then he showed me why the gate was not red in the past. It was really shaken me. I was told when I was a child, and all we believed the courtyard house gate’s colour “must” be red! But after Lars’s explain I knew I was wrong. It was shame and I lost my face. On the way home I thought a lot about this, We always heard from other people and believe It was true. You can find this in the daily life in china.You can always heard your Chinese friends told you that he/she heard something from his /her friends. So,Many famous brands like “TONGRENTANG” “QUANJUDE” etc.  always become famous from mouth to mouth talking in the past. In China we call it “Koubei”(word of mouth). But after the talk with Lars I found that the foreigners especially the westerners pay more focus on evidence. No evidence NO believes. I found it was very different from our Chinese common logic. I always thought about evidence just on work or serious issues. And I never question my parents and good friends about some normal things. With inertial thinking I always believe it was true.


I have to admit Lars was more rigorous than me at that moment. Thanks a lot Lars!In the other side,I thought a lot about what I always talked to my foreign friends before. I realized the topics maybe just are my interest points but are not theirs. Maybe I thought some food is delicious, but they may think not. As polite and friendship they were not stop me. But still it was very shame to me.

So today I want to know more different habits between Chinese and foreigners, such as food, living style, and so on. I hope you can tell me your story or experience. I think it will be really fun activities.

And you can always contact me on wechat. My wechat number is:124609867 you can leave a message tell me that you understand me on chinatravel2.0. I will add you as soon as possible. Best wishes!




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2 Responses to “Culture shock, I need help( ⊙ o ⊙ )”

  1. winser says:

    different culture,different experience, different education, different past, so it is natural to have different angel of view. admit this, accept it and make more international friends, talk to them and share your ideas, the more you talk, the more you will understand and you will know how to deal with the culture shock.

  2. Vincent wang says:

    Thank u!And hope more friends can share your feeling with me!

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