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SoulTravelers3 interview,part 2-my favorate city

I think you understand the love to her lovely daughter in the part one interview. In the name of love, the single language parent can teach the daughter and let her grasp 3 different languages, including the Chinese. Now they can Travel around the world and communicate with most of the local people. suddenly, there is one sentence appear to my mind: “Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you traveled.” – Mohammed. they can travel to many places and they can give the girl best education. Please check their images about china tours as below.   –Winser Zhao

Soultravelers3 in Tiananmen square, the Tiananmen tower behind

2) It was great meeting you 3 this time you travel to China, how did you feel about China? whats the big difference between the real and your thought before your coming? what will you say to the people who would like to come to China but didnt come yet?

It was so great meeting you too Winser as we’ve been talking on Twitter for many years, so about time we meet! What a joy too that we got to meet Elliott Ng who introduced us.

We absolutely fell in love with China and much of that is due to you and the amazing people we met through you. The people is what makes a country and our hearts were very touched by the generous, caring people we met in China. The culture shines through, not only with the fantastic people you connected us to, but also with the strangers we met who were exceedingly kind. We’ve never been to a city as large as Beijing where kindness was so obvious.

The Chinese community in Malaysia is very kind ( as are all the people here in Penang), but they are a minority here, so I’d heard that the Chinese people in China were much harsher and only cared about money. I also heard stories about the pollution/food/water problems and knew people who got sick on a trip to China just before we left, so I had concerns about that.

We had the most delicious food in China and met the kindest people, so found those worries put to rest.  We were also in China when there wasn’t much air pollution so that helped. I still have some concerns in the food/water/pollution areas for long term stay, but there are no worries for a short stay and China is a lot more modern than I expected.

I think everyone should visit China as it is an exhilarating, special  place and one of our favorite countries now. It is a big country so it either needs a long stay or several shorter stays and most important is connecting with the people. Thus those planning a China trip  need to know you or someone like you to help that aspect. Had we taken a typical tour of China as so many do, loaded on a crowded bus from place to place, I don’t think we would have the same deeply moving impressions. independent travel in China is harder because of the language, but doable with help from you.

3) You traveled to Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai this time, it is just the golden  tringle cities of the China tour. whats your understanding or memory of the 3 cities? whats the difference? which city do you like best?

We really enjoyed all of those cities  and the water village we saw near Shanghai.  Each of those Golden Triangle cities is unique and shows a different aspect of China. We spent most of our time in Beijing so that is probably our favorite as we also have the most friends there, got to know our way around, had beautiful, clear blue skies most of our visit and enjoy it’s “real China” aspects. With six UNESCO World Heritage Sites, scrumptious food, art, hutongs and Peking Opera, it can’t be missed.

Glamorous Shanghai is a very close second, as it is the most international and futuristic. I think most Americans and Europeans would be most comfortable there. One can be in areas that are ancient Chinese, super modern or some that look like Europe or America.

Xi’an is a very close third and this 3000 year old city is a must-see if you are interested in Chinese culture and history. We especially loved the Muslim Quarter, Terracotta Army, a festival at nearby ancient temples and pagoda, and walking the ancient city wall.

To be continued.

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  1. Thanks Winser, it was such a joy to meet you and your family finally in person! You made our trip so special and we will remember it always..like this photo you took of us in Tiananmen square on that fun day.

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