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The SoulTravelers3 coming to Beijing!

7 years, 55 countries so far, the family of 3 will visit Beijing this Nov! If you love Travel with family and love different cultures, then you should know the Soultravelers3. I love their experience and always I wish I could make it with MY family too. you know, it is not that easy, but they make it. now I am more admire of their determination of the great plan.

the only American girl in a mandarin school

the daughter now is reading in a mandarin school, the reason why they love Chinese and the culture, as Jeanne said in a letter

We like Chinese because  Mandarin is an important language for the
21st century and Chinese is a fascinating ancient culture with lots of
wisdom for all to learn from. We believe in peace in this world, so
want to raise Mozart to understand other cultures and learning the
language is the best way to understand a culture.

I bet there are more fans of their story, if you have any questions about the travel with family, how to give the education to the kid, how to understand other cultures and how to make the dream come into true, you are invited to the meetup this Sat in Shenzhen Plaza in Beijing.

I am glad to be the contact of them for the china trip, and I am more than happy to host a meet up with them. please send me a message if you will come to the event this Sat afternoon in Beijing. the speech will be in English, there will be a Chinese translator at the same time.

Date: Nov 10th afternoon from 1:00pm to 4:00pm
venue: Shenzhen Plaza深圳大厦
Address: South west of the second ring road,Guanganmen bridge,Beijing 广安门桥的深圳大厦
contact: Winser Zhao
Cell phone: 13621200844

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2 Responses to “The SoulTravelers3 coming to Beijing!”

  1. Louis says:

    If possible,tell us more about their fun story. I like it very much. What a pity that I couldn’t join your sharing meeting because I am now in Chengdu.

  2. Thank you so much Winser for this wonderful opportunity and we were so happy to meet so many fantastic people.

    We are having an amazing trip in China thanks to you and the magnificent people you are introducing us to!

    We will try to join 新浪微博 ( Wēibó) and maybe
    Youku so we can share more with the Chinese people interested in travel and “world schooling” and our blog stories.

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