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job opportunity:Part time English teaching in a kindergarten

The kids in the big cities in china, especially in the Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, start to learn the English from the kindergarten! but most of the teachers are the local Chinese which mother language is Chinese. For better language training, more and more kindergartens are going to hire the native speakers for the English teaching very recently. Guangren kindergarten(广仁书院) is one of them.

Ms Huang and the kids are enjoying the organic lunch

Guangren school is a Chinese style with Waldorf traits kindergarten. Ms Huang was a TCM docter before she set up the Guangren school, she knows the tradtional Chinese culture and the western culture very well, the kids in the kindergarten are lucky for they can play and read in a very open and free space everyday. whats more, Ms Huang can give them very good health and food.

The quiet and peaceful reading room

From this Oct, the Guangren school plan to hire a native speaker for teaching the English, it is a part time job. the candidates can learn all the lessons which are the China tradtional culture related in the school, such as the calligraphy, the Chinese martial arts, and others offering by the kindergarten. one organic meal will be included. please drop me a mail if you interested.

the location: near the Longtan Hu park,(龙潭湖公园), not far from the Temple of Heaven(天坛公园), close to the subway of No. 5.
the time: it is really flexible, you can talk to Ms Huang about it and along with the money.
the ages of the kids: the kids are younger than 7 years old, but above 4 yrs.

You have to live in Beijing and interested in the English teaching in a kindergarten for the part time job, and hope you like the Chinese language and the Chinese culture.

for more info about the Guangren school, pls read the Guangren Sina blog. Only Chinese available.

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