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Uncle Hanzi (汉字叔叔)and his Chinese study

Uncle Hanzi (汉字叔叔)is teaching Chinese

On Aug 1, a weibo posted by Richard’s friend:

美国人Richard Sears,网名汉字叔叔,花费全部积蓄和20年时间,从事一分钱也赚不到的汉字系统性研究,创办字源网站www.chineseetymology.org。他为汉字付出一切,目前贫困潦倒,加上签证到期,面临被迫离开中国的困境。他在天津,希望能找个英语教师或翻译的工作,从而能继续在中国生活和研究汉字。请大家帮忙推荐和转发!”。

The meaning is that Mr. Richard too focused on the study and research to cost all his money he saved for over 20 years. He can not make money from his study and volunteer work. He has to leave china for the Expired visa. Please retweet and help him and donate him and he can keep study the Chinese.

I began to know him and his work from a douban page about how to learn the old Chinese. and then found a post: a good website for research the Chinese sources by an American. You should check his website if you interested in the Chinese old characters and the development. He collected and input more than 100 000 Chinese characters to the system.

But I found he forced to leave China for the visa very recently(check the Chinese news about him from Tecent news.). I hope he can keep study the Chinese characters system and let more people understand it. Let me donate celebrity news to his research.

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