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Emilia’s Blog – The grand tour; Tienanmen square, the forbidden city, traditional chinese medicine shop, lunch, pearl factory and then the summer palace…quite a day!

guess where am I

So today was off the hook crazy! Firstly i got up at 6.45 which took a while, I was supposed to meet the rest of the tour group at this place but I couldnt seem to find it, after several phone calls and riding around aimlessly i found the group and off we set. First we walked past tienanmen square (you can fit 1million people in the square standing shoulder to shoulder!!) on route to the forbidden city. There is a massive portrait of chairman mau there which looks like a photograph, but according to our hysterical chinese guide; Harry (whose brother is harry potter, his first joke to us all) it is a painting!! the forbidden city was marvellous, it was out of this world beautiful and extraordinary!! it was like walking through a huge gate into another world and then you just keep walking and walking, if it wasn’t for harry and his flag i would have certainly gotten lost. we were so fortunate to see the last emperors nephew (*i have just done some research on him and found a lot of blogs which say that who i saw wasnt actually the nephew but it was just a scam for money, i sincerely hope this is not true as it would be huge shame as for me it was such a special moment, i guess we will never know) who is called Jin Yu Zhang, he did a piece of work for us and we got the chance to ask him to write something for us for the grande price of 800 yuan. Sadly i only had 100 yuan. oh dear. Anyway after 2 hours of walking round the forbidden city and managing to get flip flop tan lines on my feet which look so attractive i may just add we all tumbled back into the bus and were whisked off to a traditional chinese medicine centre. here we had a cup of chinese tea, a short talk buy a very very enthusiastic doctor and then we were able to have a free chinese check up by some very famous chinese doctors. when it was my turn to be “checked up” the female doctor (i would say she was in her late 60’s) asked me to open my mouth so she could see my tongue then stared feeling my fingers and my pulse on my wrist with 3 fingers. apparently just by feeling your pulse with 3 fingers on each arm they can tell what part of the body has a problem and what that problem is! quite amazing! anyway back to the point, apparently i have a digestion problem (which i have anyway kind of) i have very bad circulation and i have a small case of insomonia, it seems that everything is wrong with me, in order to cure all of this she wanted to prescribe me to a one month course of 2 types of chinese medicine which each cost 530 yuan (around £55) – no thank you! we then ventured onto lunch at some unheard of restaurant down some unheard of street – at least it was clean, nice and the food was edible. after our brief stop for lunch we carried onto a massive pearl shop/factory. we were shown freshwater pearls in the oyster (there were about 30 of them all crammed in there) they then explained how to tell real from fake (rub them together and then wipe both on your hand if it created a slight powder they are real) and then we had 20 mins to look around an purchase what we liked. my problem was that the cheapest thing was 150 yuan on sale and i only had 100. oopsy. i dont think it was a bad thing that i didnt buy anything though. from here we then went to the summer palace which is quite strange, it is on an island off an island which is off main land in the middle of a lake. we had to walk across a spectacular bridge to get to the first island then we took a lovely dragon boat to the island with the palace on it. there really isnt that much to see there and by this time none was really up for anything at all because we were still all tired from marching around the forbidden city. we walked along the long corridor which is 700m long, it was built so the emperors and co wouldnt get wet when the rain came because there we no umbrellas in those says. after looking around that for half an hour it was time to head back to the city and drop everyone back off at their respective hotels etc. for dinner i went out with the family minus the husband and had southern chinese food which was nice! i am thankful to be able to fall asleep in my bed now after a long day of spectacular sights and buildings! enjoy x

p.s. we also went to the temple of heaven for half an hour which was interesting, although you couldnt go inside it was still rather special and beautiful!!

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3 Responses to “Emilia’s Blog – The grand tour; Tienanmen square, the forbidden city, traditional chinese medicine shop, lunch, pearl factory and then the summer palace…quite a day!”

  1. Monica says:

    What a memorable day! Hope you have loads of fotos.
    What happened to the Chinese language part of your blog? Only joking! I can see you have little time to do it. Love Mama

  2. Ethn says:

    Glad you are having fun Emilia. -Ethan

  3. Do not trust those doctors in Chinese medicine stores, they just want to get your money. Of course the medicine prescribed is no harm to you, because they are just some food powder.

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