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emilia’s homestay-first day to the language school

你好。。。我很好! 今天,我做了一个语言学校!有三个男孩和一个女孩在教室里。今天,我很喜欢。我在地铁上。午餐,我吃比萨饼。我喝可口可乐。这是非常炎热。

so today i went to the language school! i loved it! however, i didnt sleep so well last night, i was a little hot but such is life! first i had breakfast this morning which was a bowl of soya bean milk and a piece of bread with some peanut butter and a glass of water. Taking the subway was cool, we had to change from line 5 to line 1 which took forever as it was during rush hour. the subway station is about a 5min walk from the language school! i arrived late and couldnt disrupt the class so i waited until they had their break and then joined! there are 5 of us in my class, 3 boys and 2 girls including me. they are all older than me but really nice and funny people! for lunch the 3 boys and i all went to the local mall and we ate pizza which was so yummy and nice!! i didnt have any lessons in the afternoon so i met some new people also at the language school also all older than me and chatted with them while eating watermelon on the veranda! i called my parents during my free time and told them what a fab experience i was having! i was collected at 4.30 and took the subway back to the hutong, on the way back we went to the local park and watched the sunset, it was truly beautiful! then the two boys and i just looked around the shops in the hutong, i bought 2 bracelets, some wash out hair colour and some flip flops as mine are a bit broken :/ for dinner i ate 米饭和鸡蛋和鸡肉! i then did an hour of calligraphy, i will be putting some pictures up soon of my work and my trip so far! i will have a shower and then go to bed now as i am exhausted after today! night night! x

ps. please do comment if you have time because i love reading what you think of what i am doing, your comments on my blog or even just a note to say what you think about the blog and if you like it or not!

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10 Responses to “emilia’s homestay-first day to the language school”

  1. Hongyi says:


    It’d be better if you say 我”去“ celebrity news instead of 我”做“ a language school. In English one can just say “I like it” or “I love it” but it might be a little confusing in Chinese because it’s not clear what you are refering to. So, you might want to say “我很喜欢(那所学校/今天的课程/学校里的同学)”. “中午,我吃比萨饼” would be better put this way: “中午我吃的比萨饼“ There’s lots of tricky things in Chinese like the usage of ”的“ as an auxiliary verb, but for now you can just ignore it, speak and write the langauge as much as you can. Oh, “这里非常炎热” or simply“这里很热” would make you sound more Chinese 😀

    Looking forward to seeing your pics!


  2. winser says:

    Hongyi. are you a Chinese teacher for the foreigners? I found you are very professional for that.

    Thanks for your teaching.

  3. Hongyi says:

    Hey Winser,

    Nope, I’m just a random Chinese guy……………who goes to college in the states. Haha. Thanks for your comment and I’d be willing to help if you have any questions 😀


  4. Emilia says:

    good evening hongyi! this is very kind of you to do this for me! it is indeed very helpful for me, especially coming from someone who knows the western culture as well as the chinese one! if you wanted to know, my language school today was good! i did some writing in chinese characters which i like to do because i am quite artistic so i enjoy those kind of things! i think that writing the characters is maybe the thing i am best at overall, but maybe not i dont know! i will try to upload some pics later on but i am having difficulty with this computor as it is in chinese! please spread the word about my blog and keep reading! enjoy :)

  5. Hongyi says:


    It’s good to hear that you like to write Chinese characters! You can definitely be proud of yourself if you are doing well on it cuz it’s generally considered the most difficult part (and yes we’re proud of it too :P) Keep up the good work!


  6. Monica says:

    Hello Emilia,
    I am really enjoying your blog. The descriptions of what you are doing, how you are getting and around and what you eat are very interesting. It is also wonderful that Hongyi is reading this in the USA and taking time to comment and help. The truly fantastic aspect of the Internet. It seems to me you will learn more mandarin in these two weeks than a whole school year! Really looking forward to seeing your calligraphy. I will make sure all the family and friends know about your blog!

  7. Emilia says:

    HI Mummy,

    thank you for reading my blog, i will try to put some of the few pictures up later but i may not have time! although i am enjoying myself immensely here i still cant wait to come home next week and then off on holiday again with you and the rest of the family!! love you xxx

  8. Hongyi says:

    Hello Emilia’s mom! 😀

  9. Auntie Yo says:

    Dear Emilia,

    Greetings from HK and well done on your blog!

    Reading your blog reminds me of my own visits to Beijing where I stayed in different Hutongs. One of my trips was in July, when it was HOT HOT HOT and the other was in February and FREEZING COLD!

    Keep on writing….

    Much love,

    Auntie Yo

  10. Emilia says:

    Hi Aunty Yo,

    Thank you! I can’t believe that nearly a whole week has gone by already! Will write more later xxx

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