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emilia’s homestay-Beijing,China, I arrived.

你好,我叫Emilia。 我从英国来。 我拜访中国二星期。 昨天我到达以上飞机。 今天我拜访公园,我看见太极和好多水。以后我学习书法。我喜欢食品在中国里面。   我喜欢吃米饭和面条。 我喜欢中国和中人。我想要学习好多中文

hello, my name is emilia。i am from england. i have come to china for 2 weeks. yesterday i arrived on an airpolane. today i went to the park, i saw taiji and a lot of water. later i will learn calligraphy.  i like the food in china. i like to eat cooked rice and noodles. i like china and chinese people.  i want to learn a lot of chinese.

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10 Responses to “emilia’s homestay-Beijing,China, I arrived.”

  1. 明城 says:

    hi, I consider that I can teach some Chinese for u :^)

  2. z says:

    你好,我叫Emilia, 我从英国来。 我要来中国两个星期。 昨天我坐飞机来。 今天我去了公园,看见了太极和好多水。之后我会学习书法。我喜欢中国的食物。我喜欢吃米饭和面条。 我喜欢中国和中国人。我想要学习很多中文。


  3. Hongyi says:

    Hey Emilia,

    Heard your story from a friend of mine. That’s something for a 14 year old, good for you! Keep up the good work and shoot me an email if you have any question :)


  4. Louis Han says:


  5. Hongyi says:


  6. Emilia says:

    thank you, but i am already in a chinese language school!

  7. Emilia says:


  8. Emilia says:

    hi hongyi,

    thank you very much, i have to say i was a bit sceptical at first but then warmed to the idea! i am still trying to figure beijing out but it is slowly coming to me! i will deffiantly send you an email if i have any questions! thanks for the concern! please do let people know about my blog as i like to read their questions and comments about it and my time here!
    thanks again 😀


  9. Emilia says:

    hi, i am sorry but i dont understand by what you mean? please maybe write it in english, i will be glad to answer any questions!!



  10. Emilia says:

    how what?

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