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Emilia’s homestay-the hotpot-海底捞

I am going to start off with the english this time as it is sometimes difficult to remember what you have exactly written! This afternoon was lovely, i learnt some calligraphy after lunch which was delicious noodles in a soup with russian sausage and green beans. Calligraphy is a lot harder then you think! i started off by learning just the basics and then after practising them 3 times i moved to the characters. at around 4.30 i went to dinner with some relatives which was fantastic!I really loved it, it was a whole different experience for me, although it was a rather silent dinner for me as I havent quite got my Chinese working yet I really did enjoy every bit of it! we ate beaf, eggs, a kind of green fish when you cook it and many many many more dishes which was a whole new taste sensation.  Off to bed now because I am exteremly tired from the  day behind me!

我吃鸡蛋,菜,牛肉,鱼和汤。我喜欢牛肉,不喜欢羊肉。 我喜欢的餐厅。我们去市场,那里有许多鱼。我不喜欢鱼腥味。我很累,我会去睡觉了。

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  1. Haidilao is the best seafood restaurant in Beijing. I love that place too.

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