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Demeter Standard farms and Waldorf education in China

7 Jul 2012

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I’ve visited Phoenix Commune and the Tianzhenyuan, the only 2 farms as I know which can meet the Demeter Standard in china so far. There are hundreds of Demeter farms in North Europe at the same time. So you can see, the market and the common sense of the Demeter standard in China is very limited.  but better than nothing. The development and the market potential is huge.

the gardening and the kids

Nevertheless, more and more people and the media are talking about the food safety and the health than ever before. The market and the consumers need it. So there are more and more organic farms set up in China at the same time. It is easy to find the organic farms in every first-tier cities in China.  To be honest, the income and the profit of the organic farms in China is not very good. The people, especially the rich people are focus on the luxury brand only. apparently they need some time to be educated.

From 2008, the first LOHAS International Form hold in Beijing, to celeb gossip the 2009 the 2nd LOHAS International Forum in Beijing and 2010 the 3rd hold in Shanghai and the 2011 the 4th one hole in Beijing again.  At least some of the key media understand the concept, the mass consumers still need some time to know it.

From the  first Waldorf kindergarten set up in Chengdu in the year of 2006, there are many others set up in Beijing and Shanghai afterwards, the young kids are benefit from it for following the natural rules. It is quite different from the mainstream kindergartens, the kids are suggested to learn some knowledge not very fit to their age.  The music and the dancing and the drawing and DIY are just what the kids need.

the Waldorf color

But I do hope the Waldorf kindergartens find some different content fit to the Chinese kids. for example the Kungfu and the calligraphy. Only the real Chinese  culture combined with the concept of the Waldorf can fit to the Chinese young kids.

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