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the TCM summer camp in Inner Mongolia calling for 7-14 years students

I am teaching the calligraphy and the Chinese Martial Arts in a kindergarten(Guangren school 广仁书院) now. It is really awesome to play with more young kids. I’ve practiced that almost 7 years and my 2 sons like to play with me as well.

teaching the 五步拳, a Shaolin style martial arts

The principal of this kindergarten is a TCM doctor. She spent over 20 years with her Shifu and learned the TCM and she can understand it very well. Even she can manage the company and run the kindergarten and even play with the kids with the TCM theory. Believe it or not, she can tell if you are in the good health state or not when you meet for the first time, She said, the Wang 望(means she can tell the illness just by seeing the patient’s face) is quite important in the diagnosis of the diseases. This kindergarten will hold the summer camp during the summer vacation. but this time, we will go to the Inner Mongolia, the Hailar Prairie.

the beautiful Hailar Prairie in summer

The candidates should speak Chinese and love to learn more Chinese culture, the TCM, the calligraphy, the Martial Arts. Imagine, we will practice the Taiji quan in the Hailar Prairie, between the blue sky and the green grassland. whats more, the principal will teache the Chinese massage to the kids, then the kids can do some massage when you back home after a whole day’s work. The principal has a friend who is a chef, and he will also join the summer camp. so no worry about the food for the ten days in Inner Mongolia. let the kids just enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful scenery.

Please check the Chinese introduction here. or email me if you have any inquiry.

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