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My Xi’an partner is ready for your China Travel 2.0 tours

4 Jun 2012

China Travel 2.0/新概念旅游, Xi'an/西安   4,444 views

My name is Mary Zhang. ZhangRui is my Chinese name .Rui (瑞) means harvest and Zhang is my famliy name. Working as an English-speaking tour guide is my full-time job right now. I love Xi’an because I was born here and this is my hometown.

As it known to all, all the tourists visit Xi’an just for one purpose—- The Terra-Cotta Army Museum. So they join the very traditional tour with packaged everything, for instance, the routine destinations, the common guide, the same shops and the tourist’s meals. They are just tired of it. At the same time, I was told that they want to experience the real Xi’an.

From my three years of working experience, I try my best to introduce the real Xi’an to the guests. Even I took few of the tourists to visit my home, let them to know the lifestyle of Xi’an local family and teach them how to cook the Chinese food.

Let me share some pictures to you.

home visit to Mary's home in Xi'an

“If you want visit more than thousands-year –history, you should visit Xi’an.” Most visitors can get this message when they visit Xi’an. But they don’t know why the emperors made the ancient capital in Xi’an. The only way to understand it well is to explore the local people’s life and meet and talk with the local Travel experts.

We don’t arrange the normal guides during all the tours in china, the same as in Xi’an. The guides we choose are the experts, who can introduce you the local lifestyle, history, food and etc.

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  1. Dave says:

    Mary is the best tour guide n China! She is exceptionally knowledgable and versatile and goes out of her way to make your trip one of the best experiences of your life. I would recommend her to anyone going to Xi’an or any part of China.

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