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Winser Zhao designed: The local Beijing lifestyle immersing—One day Hutong tour

The gete of the Yonghe Lama temple

Highlights: Hutong was built during the Yuan dynasty. There is about more than 600 years history. With quick development of the city planning, we can only see the old hutongs in Dongcheng and Xicheng districts within the 2nd ring road now. The travelers will see the buildings and the lifestyle; especially the travelers can learn the Taiji quan in Ditan Park and the calligraphy in a private training center, enjoy the Mongolian folk songs in a local bar, also in the Hutong, the travelers can learn and enjoy a dumpling cooking in one of the best dumpling restaurants.


7:00 am get up and have the buffet in the hotel.

8:00 am drive to ditan park for the morning exercise and learn the Taiji quan. For an hour. Ditan park was the garden of the Yongwangfu in the Qing dynasty. Many martial arts masters practice the Kungfu there to protect Yongzheng, the later Empire of the Qing dynasty. Now days there are several martial arts groups practice the Chinese traditional Kungfu. We will practice the Taiji quan and learn some basic latest celebrity news movements.

9:00 am off to visit a local 菜市场, the guide will introduce the Chinese dishes from the raw materials.

10:00 am go to the best dumpling restaurant in Baochao Hutong to learn making the dumplings. Then have a traditional dumplings lunch.

12:00 pm have a walk in the hutongs, go to a local bar to enjoy the special Mongolian songs by the Mongolian people. The travelers can order the Chinese Harbin beer.

2:00 pm off to 798 art zone,the travelers will learn the Chinese calligraphy class in a private works studio.


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