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Winser Zhao,the Taiji Quan Master in Beijing


Master Winser Zhao Taiji Quan shot-Danbian

Born in 1975, Taiji master Winser Zhao, come from a small village in Hebei Province, began to study various martial arts in his youth. In 1986 he moved to Beijing and in 2003 began to learn the Chen Taiji quan. His master teaches what is known as the purest form of Chen Taiji quan; unadultered for many generations. Master Winser Zhao lives in Beijing with his family and continues to learn under his master and teach. His students vary from international tour groups, various health clubs and international students at Ditan park.

Chen style is the orignal Taiji quan which all styles are based. Some movements are slow, others quick; some movements are strong, other gentle. This connects to the theory of Yin and Yang. Practicing Taiji quan will give you greater galance, build muscle and can focus the mind and heart. It can also help one conncet with their bodies energy system, called “Qi”. Taiji quan is one of the most respected martial arts in china and Asia.

For long term Taiji quan learning, Please go to Ditan park every weenkends. Master Winser Zhao teaches Chen Taiji Quan every weekend from 8:00 am to 9:30 am in Ditan Park,Beijing.

Master Winser Zhao also offers the Taiji quan training for corporates and companies.

Contact Master Winser Zhao via Gmail. or call him directly: 13621200844.

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