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LTL-One of the best Chinese language schools in Beijing

There are about 3 million+ foreign travelers Travel to Beijing every year. while there are about 200 thousand expats live in Beijing. If there is only about 1/10 of them would like to learn some Chinese, You can imagine how big the market is.  I think many people are trying to figure out which language training center is better, hope the following interview will give you some help. Met Andreas Laimboeck, the GM of the LTL, recently when I was looking for a school for a 14.5 years old girl from UK. We talked for a while about the market and his LTL for about one hour, totally in Chinese. I think he knows Chinese very well, and I am sure his school can improve your Chinese for sure. Also I hope his interview will give you some inspiration.

Andreas, the GM of the LTL

1, when did you come to china? what did you do right now?

I came to China first in 1999, back then on a university exchange year in Hong Kong. At the moment I am the general manager of www.livethelanguage.cn and help our students to learn Chinese and get familiar with Chinese culture.

2, many people said the Chinese is the most difficult language to learn in the world, do you agree with it? why?

No, not at all. It depends from what language background you come from. Many Asian languages are much more similar to Chinese than for example French. For students with these languages as a mother tongue Chinese will be much easier to learn than French. In the end there is nothing magical about Chinese, it is a language like any other and can be learned – if you know how.

The One to One learning

3, can you give us 3 suggestions to learn the Chinese well?

If you want to get any meaningful understanding of China, speak to its people you have to learn Chinese.

4, there are many travelers with zero Chinese knowledge, and they can travel around the country very well, do you think the Chinese is not a must for the celebrity news travelers? why?

You can watch a movie without sound too and would still see many pretty pictures. It is each persons choice if they want to just see or also understand.

5, how to choose a good language learning school in Beijing and in other cities?

Teaching Chinese is a quite new concept in China as interest in the language only started to rise a few years ago. Currently there are very few trustworthy and established schools around, so trust and reliability would be the first two things I would look for. This will become different when there are more established schools around and some of the less reliable ones might either change or stop working. But that is not the case at the moment yet.

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