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TianZhenYuan summer camp 2012 calling for the students

21 Apr 2012

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Kids today are the most overprotected, overindulged, and over scheduled in history.  Is all of this attention giving the next generation a competitive edge, or creating new problems that will last a lifetime?

現今普遍的孩子都被過度保護、溺愛及安排過多活動。這種關注是否能為下一代提高競爭力,又或是令將來產生更多的問題?CBC documentary Hyper Parents & Coddled Kids

the picture in front of the TZY gate of 2011

Dear Friends,

Many of today children’s “generation ME” find it difficult to finish their meals, clean up after themselves, concentrate in a classroom, complete  assignments independantly, listen and respect others, and control their emotions.  Has all the attention that parents been showering on their children become the source of children’s inability to take care of themselves?

Respect, self discipline, concentration, passion,  perseverance, resilience, self control, emotional balance, sense of responsibility, determination, integrity, moral values, healthy eating habits are the fundamental skills that a child needs in life yet these skills are the skills that most children lack.  Television, video games, unhealthy and unbalanced diets, excessive toys, hyper parenting over scheduled timetables, excessive homework and tests are all factors.  Hence many of today’s children are  bored with life, burnt out, lacking energy, and many are already displaying signs of addiction, over indulagence, denial, and shutting out.

Studies have shown that it takes 3 weeks to one month to break bad habits hence we have decided to cancel the plans for organizing 3 separate summer camps and only offer one 4 weeks Dizigui camps aimed to help students build the skills necessary for a balance healthy lifestyle.   Those who have attended our camps in the past are welcome take the program again.  TZY offers fresh air, organic homegrown fresh vegetables, healthy lifestyle and provides children with the chance of grounding themselves after a hectic demanding year of academic studies.  Although the format will be similar every year the experience will be different and students will develop new insights and growth every year.

Dizigui was written by ancient Chinese Sages to provide guidelines on how to be a good person.  The book provides clear instructions on how to become a good child, student, friend and later a good parent, citizen and respectable human being. The book teaches children to love and respect parents and encourages individuals to show kindness to siblings.;  how to interact with people and the correct attitude when dealing with others on an everyday bases;   instructions on trust and responsibility; guidelines for how to select friends of good moral standings.  The objective is not just to commit Dizigui to memory rather the purpose is to practice and act according to the guidelines of this book.

Through studying Dizigui, wushu, Tai Chi, Chinese Culture, agriculture, discipline training and through chores the program is designed to help students develop good habits for life.  For the first two weeks the campers will adjust to the TZY routine of early start, practicing Dizigui, finishing all meals, discipline training, getting familiar with doing chores.  As campers exhibit self control and discipline TZY plans to organize cultural sights like the Confucius temple in Beijing to enhance students interest in Chinese Culture.






TZY Sample Schedule (for the first 2 weeks students will not leave the campus. Field trips are arranged for the later Sundays of the camp.) 天真園樣版課程時間表(學生將不會在首兩星離開校園,但可能會在餘下的星期日到北京遊學。)


SUMMER CAMP 2012 : July 15 2012 – August 11, 2012

2012 年夏令營 : 2012 年 7 月 15 日至 8 月 11 日

Suggested Age : 8 – 16.  For many children who have come from a sheltered background with helpers and dotting parents the first two weeks of camps are quite tough as they need time to adjust.  Many children have never finished their meals,  eat something they are not familiar with, make their bed or clean up after themselves.   In order for the Children to benefit from the camp we have strict policies about parents contacting their children during the camp.  Children will not have access to computer and phones and parents may only contact their child after the second week and only on Sunday between 7pm – 7:30 pm.  Although younger students will be considered many parents have found it very difficult to be separated from their child for 1 month hence we  ask parents to think carefully before signing up for the camp if your child has never been away from home.

To ensure that children can fully benefit from the Dizigui camp we regret that we will not be allow parents to stay on campus or visit during the camp.

建議年齡: 8-16歲。對於那些來自生活充滿庇護,由傭工或父母打點生活一切事的兒童,在營裡首星期是頗艱難的,他們需要時間來調整。很多小孩從未獨自完成所有飯菜、吃一些不熟悉的食物、整理床舖。為了令小孩能在營裡能學習及有得著,我們對家長與在營裡的小孩聯絡有嚴格的措施。小孩在營裡不能使用電腦和電話,家長只能於入營後兩星期及在星期天晚上七時至七時半才可與小孩聯絡。考慮到父母需與年幼的小孩分隔一個月之久是有一定的不適應或不習慣,所以若你的孩子從未離家如此長久,請家長在報名前考慮清楚。


Language : The camp will be open to both native mandarin speakers as well as non-native chinese students.  All  classes will be taught in Chinese however we will have English speakers to assist students unable to speak Chinese.




Camp Fee

RMB 22,400   prices includes tuition, accommodations, meals, transfer from the airport, and all stationary and supplies.

Early Bird Discount RMB 20,800 for payment received by April 30.
Returning TZY students or students who has previously attended the TZY camps can enjoy special price of RMB19,800 if full tuition is received by April 30.
Please submit a short passage with application to indicate reason for attending this camp and what you wish to get out of it.
營費: 人民幣22,400   費用包括學費、住宿、膳食、機場接送及所有文儀用品
提早報名優惠  人民幣20,800,需於四月三十日前繳付
如在4月30日前交付學費到天真園,舊生和以往的營友可享舊生價 RMB19,800.

Refund Policy

Your child’s place will be released if full payment is not received by June 1. The following will be applied for student tuition refund:

a) 75% refund for withdrawal application received on or before June 1

b) 50% refund for withdrawal application received on or before June 15

c) No refund on tuition after June 16.


TZY accepts withdrawal on the ground of sickness. A valid written application letter and an official medical certificate must be provided.




a) 於六月一日或之前提交退學通知,將獲退回75%學費。

b) 於六月十五日或之前提交退學通知,將獲退回50%學費。

c) 於六月十六日後提交退學通知,將不獲退款。


Payment can be made to :
Tian Zhen Garden International Limited
Hong Kong bank account No: 817-283716-001
You can pay in hk dollars, please  use 1.24  as conversion rate should you wish to make payment in Hong Kong dollars.


Tian Zhen Garden International Limited

匯豐銀行戶口號碼: 817-283716-001




The following was a submitted by a parents whose child had attended the camp from last year.


Well, just wanna share with you about the camp KJ attended at Tian Zhen Yuan, which is a Chinese Classics school approximately 1.5 hours drive from Beijing. He was there for 2 weeks and I think he got a great deal out of it. Quite a number of kids from his school attended the camp too, and from what I know, all have been very positive about it. In fact, it was so good that a few parents including myself are already thinking of returning during our October break if TZY can accommodate us!
I was there to drop off and pick up KJ, so had a chance to spend a couple of days getting to know the school as well as its teachers. From my understanding and observation, the camp was not easy as kids had to deal with being homesick and away from their families on top of tightly packed activities daily; strict routines; almost 100% vegetarian diet; doing chores like wash bowls, undergarments/socks, sweep floor and clean bedrooms; sleeping on hard beds and a very hot weather!


However, what surprised me was the kids were actually very resilient and adapted easily! And even the “most challenging” kids started to “listen” and as a result, enjoyed the camp! Like one parent put it, if a child was given sufficient encouragement, patience and respect, they would achieve things beyond anyone’s expectations!



During the first two days of the camp, I remembered seeing KJ only eating mostly plain white rice at all the mealtimes as he disliked all the vegetables that were served like eggplants, bitter gourds, capsicums, beans, tomatoes and cucumbers! In my heart, I was really worried as I couldn’t imagine how he would survive 14 days with just plain white rice! But on the third day, he started to give those vegetables a try and by the fifth day, he was eating all the vegetables on his plate! Of course, I have Jeanne to thank for as she was always at the dining room to make sure all kids were eating! Today, 4 days after his camp, KJ looks forward to eating his vegetables and even asked me to include a few more varieties in our meals!




I could also see from KJ’s diary that he bought into the 弟子規 teachings very quickly where on the 5th day of his camp, he wrote he was grateful to his teachers for buying an air conditioner for them and teaching them so many things; he was grateful to his parents for being so nice to him!


Contact: Jeanne Lee


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