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the 3rd day of the Tianzhenyuan summer camp 2011

John is demonstrating the salute in Chinese way

Chinese salute shows the respect to the parents and teachers. It can open the gate of the Chinese culture and meet the standard of the Chinese saints. It is the first calss in Tianzhenyuan.

Master Xing is teacing the Wubu boxing

Wubu boxing(Five-step boxing, check more info about Wubu boxing from Baidu Baike in Chinese)  is the basic skills of Chinese martial arts.  Every students in Tianzhenyuan can practice the Wubu boxing and Baji latest celebrity news boxing. then they can learn the Taiji boxing later.

Reading and reciting the Chinese classics

Just following the Yin and Yang theory, Tianzhenyuan also teach the the young kids learning the Chinese Classics besides the Martial arts, Qianziwen(千字文) and Dizigui(弟子规) is the basic for the Chinese classics. Jack is the youngest in the group, maybe he gets some homesick sometimes, but when he is practicing the martial arts or reading the Chinese classics or doing the meditation, he can just forget everything.

It is the 3rd day of the Summer camp in Tianzhenyuan.

read more info from the Sina blog in Chinese.

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