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15 Mar 2011

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Mountain Emei

I’m glad you like to visit Chengdu, the big city in southwest of china,and it is the capital of Sichuan Province. There are many places in the downtown and around the city. So, among them, I think you’d better visit the Leshan Giant Buddiha and Emei Mountain. They are listed in the World Nature and Culture Heritage List by UN. You need take a bus and go to the places. And Qingcheng Mountain, it is not far from the downtown. You can visit the Taoist temples and many beautiful scenery places.

Leshan and the Giant Buddha

If you would like to see the cute pandas, you many go to Chengdu Panda Base. There, you can see many lovely panda babies. And if you want to immerse the ordinary Chengdu people’s live, you can drink tea in the tea houses or in the parks. There are many foreingers in the city, if you have any problem you can ask them if you meet some.

Anyway,may I know where you are from? If you need the tours from your city to Chengdu or more details about Chengdu, send emails to Winser(winserzhao@gmail.com) please,and he can give you more suggestions. Hope our information can help you a little.


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