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Transformation Beijing: From an imperial past to symbols of modern China by Lars Ulrik Thom

29 Oct 2009

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I am Glad to tell that my friend-Lars will held his another great talk on 2009-11-07 at Garden Books with the title “Transformation Beijing:From an imperial past to symbols of modern china”. When you see his Beijing Postcards shop in Nanluoguxiang, you will know his knowledge about Beijing and China’s development and history. to be honest, some facts about Tian’anmen and the Old Beijing railway station I first time heard from Lars. so after you see his brief introduction about the talk, I bet you will love it.

I like his introduction about the talk:

Did you know that the Tiananmen Gate was completely torn down in 1969? That the Qianmen Gate was designed by a German architect? Or that Beijing’s old train station has mysteriously changed its location southwards?

”Transformation- Beijing” is the story of three of Beijing’s most iconic buildings. Tiananmen – the old gate where laws used to be declared to the people, the old Beijing train station – built to give foreigners a chance to escape Chinese retaliation and Qianmen – the first entrance to the inner city.

All of these buildings have long lost their original purpose, but they have attained new meaning in the “New China”, to the extent that it would be nearly impossible to imagine the capital’s centre without them.

Told through a unique collection of black and white photos, ”Transformation- Beijing” explains how the significance of the Tiananmen Gate was changed the minute Mao Zedong set his foot on it, how the Qianmen Gate became a symbol of Yuan Shikai’s vision of a modern Beijing and how an colonial style train station became a political symbol to the Communist Party.

Lars Ulrik Thom is the co-owner of ”Beijing Postcards”, a company that specializes in old photos of China. He has studied Chinese in Copenhagen, Kunming and Beijing and he has also written articles and co-written a Travel guide on China for the Danish market.

see the poster about his coming talk as below.


see Garden books contact and address

Echo Lee
Msn: lee_echo@hotmail.com

Garden Books
44 Guanghua Rd ,by 2nd Ring Rd (E), Beijing
325 Chang Le Rd (Cross Shaanxi Rd), Shanghai

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