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汉简Chinese traditional calligraphy-a style 2000 years ago

11 Jul 2008

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Han dynasty(link,Chinese info from Baidu.com) is an important era in history of china. Not only because of the the strong army and economic in the world,but also for the contributation in arts. the style Han in calligraphy is the important step in the development of Chinese tradtional calligraphy. see some great pics of 2000 years ago.

You can see what does 汉简 means. The bamboo books in Han dynasty. The characters wrote on the bamboo is called 汉简。a great style of calligraphy I always love.

My teacher tauchg me the Han style 4 years ago.  at once,I felt in love with this 汉简,Hanjian,today,I wrote some easy words,enjoy it.

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