[guest post]5 Great Gifts for People When Celebrating the Chinese New Year

23 Sep 2014

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If you’re thinking about going to china for the New Year, get your tickets now.  It’s one of the most wonderful experiences to get you to fall in love with the culture while creating memories that will last forever.  However, as you meet people and get invited to parties, you’ll need to know how to […]

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Beijing Subway,take you to my home.

17 Sep 2014

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A friend of mine visits Beijing again this year, he visits the city regularly for few years. He always tells me one same thing: Beijing changed a lot as I saw last time. even the small street, the new shops open and new building set up. I quite agree with him seriously. Especially in the […]

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Huo De Zhen Jun temple(the Fire God Daoism Temple) in Beijing and Daoist Xuanwu(玄武)

28 Aug 2014

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The Huode Zhenjun Temple (simplified Chinese:火德真君庙, traditional Chinese:火德真君廟, Pinyin: Huo3 De2 Zhen1 Jun1 Miao4), also known as the Fire God Temple, located near the Houmen Bridge(aka, Wanning brideg万宁桥), is a prominent Chinese Daoist temple of Beijing. just opened last year. Free of ticket for now, but it is one important one in the Daoism history. […]

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coming event this Sunday in Beijing, barcamp

9 Jul 2014

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I will be the speaker of the summer barcamp this Sunday in Beijing. but I will try to introduce something unique. non fashion and hi-tech related, but pure culture and history, the Chinese characters. and I will tell the very original version of the characters. the Oracle Bone characters, AKA 甲骨文 in Chinese.  and I […]

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online booking the hotels and transportation for China travels

9 Apr 2014

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there are several online booking websites if you are planing your trips to china, I am not going to tell you how annoying if have some bad experiences. but I can tell you that you can send your inquiries to my email and I can book what you need.  or you can just click the link to […]

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Go Anyang for oracle bones characters追溯中华文明——古都安阳游学之旅

16 Mar 2014

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If you know the oracle bones characters, you should know the Anyang安阳 is the hometown of the oracle bones characters. and the capital city of Yin 3000 years ago. We will go to visit the city during this May holiday. let me know if you interested and would like to join us with Chinese local […]

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I’m teaching the Chinese calligraphy(少儿国学书法) in the Guozijian-the Imperial college

13 Mar 2014

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My grandpa would be happy if he knew this, I am teaching the calligraphy in the Imperial college-Guozijian from 2013. It is important to the Chinese kids if they can write the calligraphy, one of the Chinese traditional cultures. but it is difficult nowdays, they’d rather play the iPad or smartphone after school.  Let me […]

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eight main courses teaching in Guozijian Chinese culture school

5 Mar 2014

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eight main courses teaching in Guozijian Chinese culture school

There are several hundreds Confucius colleges(孔子学院)all around the world. and new colleges are still opening. Now I am working in the unique Confucius college, and there is only one in the world, because this is the one the emperors visited at once(at least) in their life.  this is the Confucius temple and Guozijian imperial college in […]

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How about to learn the calligraphy in the Imperial College-Guozijian?

24 Feb 2014

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the Imperial College is located at Guozijian street of Dongcheng District .It was built in Yuan Dynasty of 14 century, with a long history of more then 700 years. even older than the Forbidden city.the Imperial College unfold a picture scroll for its long history,unique architectural style,and profound cultural connotation. the Biyong hall(辟雍大殿), where the […]

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Ciqikou-a must see spot in Chongqing,China travels

21 Feb 2014

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there is a very interesting place in Chongqing, it has the same name as a  place in Beijing, called Ciqikou (Chinese: 磁器口; pinyin: Cíqìkǒu; literally “Porcelain Port”) . the place is an ancient town in the Shapingba District of Chongqing Municipality, People’s Republic of china, originally called Longyinzhen (simplified Chinese: 龙隐镇; traditional Chinese: 龍隱鎮; pinyin:Lóngyǐnzhèn) […]

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