What is Taiji and where can I learn Taiji in Beijing?

20 Sep 2015

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What is Taiji and where can I learn Taiji in Beijing?

What is tai chi?太极是什么? There are many different ways to answer the question, “What is tai chi?” Tai chi (also taiji) was developed in china as a very effective martial art. When refered to as a marital art it is called tai chi chuan (translated as ‘grand ultimate fist‘). Most people both in China and […]

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Beijing to introduce three scenic rail tours for summer vacation

20 Jul 2015

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Beijing to introduce three scenic rail tours for summer vacation http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/travel/2015-06/29/content_21134113.htm chinadaily.com.cn (June 29, 2015 at 1:16 AM) The railway department of Beijing will operate three special rail tours to take tourists from the capital to destinations in china’s northwest and northeast in an 8-11 day journey in July and August. The special tours are arranged out […]

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Dr. Yuyan Liu and his Virtue Academy刘煜炎博士和维真学苑

2 Jun 2015

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  刘煜炎博士目前现任康福国际教育文化交流(北京)中心董事长、宁波大学Z.J.J.C.A-Level中心校长,康福外国语学校校长,北京尚丽(康福)外国语学校校长,是中国目前资深国际AP/A-Level/Sat/TOEFL等英美国际课程教育领域的顶尖专家,是国内最早提倡并亲自实践剑桥“导师制”个性化教育的杰出民办教育家之一。北京维真学苑联合创始人。 黄波老师题词的维真学苑logo 一、学校概况       顺义校区——博华外国语学校 北京博华外国语学校(Beijing BoHua Foreign Language School)是经北京市顺义区教委批准成立的全日制小学。座落于京顺路99号的校园空气清新、绿荫环抱、幽雅宁静,是孩子成长和学习的天然舒适的环境。       昌平校区——维真学苑 维真学苑地处于北京市昌平区兴寿镇沙坨村。学校绿树成荫、环境优雅,学术氛围浓厚。古色古香的复式四合院,雕廊画栋的廊亭,碧水青草的后花园与学校教授的国学文化相辅相成。

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2015 summer camp of Lexiang.Virtue Academy乐享·维真国学夏令营开始招募啦

2 Jun 2015

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2015 summer camp of Lexiang.Virtue Academy乐享·维真国学夏令营开始招募啦

彩虹的话:“让每个孩子都有机会亮出最美的自己!” 我们不期望太多,就算让大家到野外呼吸新鲜空气,同时还能学点国学。您准备好了吗? 两周,让孩子自己学习生活,我们将给孩子们的心田种下一颗善的种子,也许您的孩子仍然受到过去惯性的控制,这颗种子还需要更多的阳光雨露才会生根发芽,也许您的孩子很快就做出让自己快乐的决定,开始一段新的成长旅程。 这次夏令营,得到了黄波老师及维真学苑的大力支持,黄波老师将亲自带领老师们,让学员们接触传统文化,在国学的氛围中,体验到不同的自己。 两周的夏令营体验,也许会颠覆您对自己孩子的认知,发现一些过去不知道的优势或者问题。也许您一时还无法接受,也许您迫切的希望改变。无论如何,我们都希望您能付出足够的耐心,让孩子们从小对国学有一个认识,奠定人生格局。

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3rd day

8 May 2015

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It was the third day in the Travel. In the second day’s night. Our elder brother in Xi’an suggested us we should to go to the tomb of our grand father’s on the third day’s morning. Because it was the spring festival. We should go there and take a look of him. It is Chinese […]

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A family driving trip to Shanxi(山西) and Shaanxi(陕西)in spring festival(2)

2 Apr celeb news 2015

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After 13 hours driving , we arrived in Xian in Shaanxi province , I slept like a stone in the hotel… 13 hours’s drving is just too difficult to me.. In the second day of this trip . We went to my wife’s grandma’s home . I didn’t leave my hometown Beijing during the spring […]

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A driving trip to Shanxi and Shaanxi province in spring festival(1)

30 Mar 2015

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It cost us 5 days from Beijing to Shanxi and Shaanxi province this time. Five days ,all way driving of 3500 km long distance. 1st day: I woke up at 5:00 am .It was really too early for me. I slept all night on sofa and can’t sleep well because of noises of the Firecrackers. I felt so tired. […]

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A temple named Tanzhesi(潭柘寺)

24 Jan 2015

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“First there is the Tanzhe Temple, and later the Beijing City.” This sentence has been passed down for hundreds of years. In my mind. The temple is where I belong to. We know that the life is impermanent. Good luck and bad luck could come at any time, Even if life is so. We believe in which is so-called the true causal(因果不虚). We have […]

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A Beijinger’s pigeon dream

4 Jan 2015

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It was several years ago. I always wake up with the whistling… That’s the sound of old Beijing. In that days there were not too many high buildings. Most people lived in Hutong houses. We had a slow life. Every morning when I went to school I could see the pigeons flying, with clear pigeon […]

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My Tea drinking hoppy

17 Dec 2014

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Tea in china is not only a kind of drink but also a life style. In Beijing it is always the same. Old Beijingers always like drink jasmine tea . My parents drank it with a cup named “Bagangzi”(把缸子) as I saw when I was a child. It was a cup with handle made by […]

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